Death Trap

I pulled the trigger…

Eight years ago Saffron Bridges’ parents died in a fire and her brother was murdered, as far as she knows… Now she has entered a deadly game and there can only be one winner, one wrong move and it’s all over. She must uncover the truth about her past and what really happened to her family.

Guns. Money. Drugs. They all lead to one thing... Death.


2. Part One: Game

Saffron: Flashback

Not everything is as easy as it seems. It was a typical day at the Bridges house. Raini and Marc Bridges watched their two children, Jack and Saffron argue. Jack’s ice blue eyes turned cold as his little sister looked over his shoulder to read the text he was about to send.

Give it back!!!! Mum, dad, Jack took my doll!” Saffron yelled angrily. She loved her brother to bits, but it was at times like this he really got under her skin.

That’s ‘cause you’re so dammed nosey,” Jack sneered.

Am not! Who’s Mr. Carson?”

None of your bloody business!”

Give back your sister back her doll, Jack.” Raini said. “And watch you language,” she added.

Jack who is Mr. Carson?” Marc asked.

Ugh! That is it! I can’t take it here anymore. You guys are the worst parents in the world and you Saffron, are the most annoying person I have ever known! Here have your ruddy doll I don’t want it anyway! I’m out of here!” Jack walked out of the house and didn’t ever come back.




Businessman and WIFE DEAD…

Today at 9:00pm businessman Marc Bridges, 45, and his wife Raini, 43, were found in their home in dead after a fire had destroyed their home in Soho, London. Their youngest child Saffron, 7, was taken into care, but their eldest child Jack, 16, could not be found. Saffron has told the police that the family had had a ‘big argument’ and that Jack had stormed out and didn’t come back. She went out after him but he was already gone and by then the house had exploded. No one knows why or how their house exploded but the police are investigating the situation. DI Laurence said: “We will find out what happened. We believe that this was not an accident and that the fire was deliberate. If you have any information then please contact us, you will remain anonymous.”

By Julie Sweeney


Hey Saffron, Saffron? Yo, Earth to Saph can you hear me?”

I looked upwards from the newspaper clipping and Jared was there with one eyebrow cocked upwards. Jared plonked himself down on my bed. He winced slightly at the pain in his hand.

Does it hurt?” I asked.



I came over and sat next to him. 3 weeks ago Jared had sprained his wrist in a fight with one of the kids at school who was a year older than us. Brady Collins. He had punched Brady in his jaw, putting both him and Brady in hospital and in a lot of trouble with the police.

You shouldn't pick fights with Brady you know,” I scolded.

He snorted. “Collins can’t tell me what to do.”

I rolled my eyes. Jared had been picking fights with Brady more than usual over the past few weeks. He had changed. A lot…


Yes mother?”

I hit him with a pillow. “Stop being an arse!”

Stop trying to sound like a mum.”

I sighed. “Don’t think I’ll make it with all the stress you’re causing me, its bad enough being a care kid but on top of that I have a loony for a best friend.”

Aw, don’t worry we’ll be out of here soon.”

And then we’ll live in candy land!” I said sarcastically.

You're really negative you know… like you said it’s bad enough being a care kid so we got to lighten up a bit, you know hope for the best.”

You are such a pain I swear I’d rather hang out with the kids,” I said glowering at him.

Look we’re in this together even if it takes us a whole lifetime, we’ll make it…”

All I’m saying is that if you act too easy breezy in this country you might get an ASBO for getting high on cough syrup!”

Can you even get high on cough syrup?” He laughed.

I raised an eyebrow. “Why do you think Danni is always so cheery?”

Ha ha, very funny,” Jared rolled his eyes. “Isn’t she going out with Brady?”

Yeah, that’s probably where she gets her happiness from.” I grinned. “And her coke,” I added.

Jared rolled his eyes again. Everyone knew Brady Collins was a drug dealer everyone also knew that he always carried a gun with him at all times. No one knew where he had got the gun from or who had given him it or even where the hell he stashed it. What we did know was that he wasn’t afraid to use it. So nobody grassed on him. People said that Brady belonged to a gang who worked for this man supposedly wanted by the police. But this was the ghetto in Soho. He would probably never be caught.

What?” Jared saw me staring at him.

Nothing, it’s just… you've act really weird around Collins since day one and now you going around trying to punch his face in,” I sighed.

Just ‘cause I hit Brady and sent him crying home to his mummy in a stretcher it doesn't make me a bad person he started it and he messed up my hand!” Jared ranted.

You messed up your hand Jay,” I told him.

Whatever,” he murmured. And he walked out of my room and went to sulk in his.



I punched the wall with my right hand. OW! Damn it! Wrong one!

I winced and suppressed a yell. I flopped down on my bed and examined my hand. No harm done apparently.

You shouldn’t start fights with Brady you know.’

Saffron’s words rang in my head. It’s not like I wanted to start a fight with Brady but he’s so damn irritating; and so very controlling. I wish Saffron knew what was really going on and how she made me feel…

Oh hell…

My phone rang. It was Brady.



I didn't know what was up with Jared but he was pissing me off. I heard him punch the wall though, hopefully not with his bad hand. Jared burst into my room.

I’m going out, you coming?”

Er, yeah sure.” I figured I should apologize  “I’m sorry Jay; I didn't mean what I said.”

Don’t worry about it, I was being an idiot. Mates?” he said his arms outstretched.

I stood up and hugged him.

It’s just, things have been difficult. So if I just randomly shout at you it’s ‘cause I’m pissed at someone else not you ‘kay?”

“’Kay,” I smiled. “So where are we going?”

Out,” he answered briskly.

Sorry Jay but there is so no way I’m just going out for the sake of it.”

Please babe,” he gave me one his adorably cheeky grins. So hard to resist, I pouted. He grinned again; he knew it was a yes.

C’mon then!” he said chucking me my jacket.

Jay do you even think John will let us out?”

John was the head care worker. He was a pushover at times but grounded us regularly.

Erm… he’ll let you out but I’m grounded ‘cause of what happened with Brady. So we’ll just have to sneak out.”

I rolled my eyes. “No way Jared.”

Thought we were best mates Saph, c’mon please,” he pleaded.

I chewed my lip. “Fine,” I said giving in.

Let’s go then, before John comes and checks on me.”

I put on my jacket. We crept downstairs and ran out the front door.

If you ever make me do that again I swear this best buds thing will be over,” I growled at Jared.

Ooooooh I’m soooooooo scared,” he laughed.

I mean it Jared! Never again,” I said exasperated.

Alright, alright, keep your hair on, what’s left of it anyway…” he grinned.

I clouted him round the back of his head. How the hell could I be old when he was older than me?

OW! Saffron, you’re such a bully, jeez. Ouch.” He rubbed the back of his head. “Your right, never again, damn it Saph that hurt.”

I scowled at him. “Not my fault. Watch your tongue next time. And stop friggin’ calling me old.”

Not my fault I’m very observant. Is that a grey hair I see?”

I stopped walking.

I’m so dead,” he said. But he wasn’t looking at me. In fact he looked kinda scared. But c’mon I was only playing with him.

And then he ran. And I mean ran. Like a copper was chasing him. I ran after him. Then he stopped abruptly.

You’re so right Jared Lawson. You are dead,” I said smirking.

Get down,” Jared hissed ducking behind some bins in an alley pulling me down with him. “NO! This cannot be happening!” he murmured angrily.

Jared what the hell is going on?” I asked puzzled.

Yeah Jared, what the hell is going on?” said Brady Collins from behind us.

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