Death Trap

I pulled the trigger…

Eight years ago Saffron Bridges’ parents died in a fire and her brother was murdered, as far as she knows… Now she has entered a deadly game and there can only be one winner, one wrong move and it’s all over. She must uncover the truth about her past and what really happened to her family.

Guns. Money. Drugs. They all lead to one thing... Death.


17. Note from the author

I chose to write about this kind of genre because apparently I'm infatuated with Americans and needed to write about English folk… (Thanks for that mum… :D). I'm only joking; really I chose to write this kind of book because I needed a change of genre. I write a lot of fantasy books and I decided that it was time to write something realistic and something that I know a bit about. Of course I had to do some serious research about crime, drugs and guns which took a long time but it was worth it (and it helped with some homework, teehee…). I hope that you enjoy this book and that you read it again and again.


Chiyana Ankhrah

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