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Caitlin works in Ghana for comic relief., she really loves her work but unfortunately she only have one month in Ghana to go,after that she really have to go home. Than One Direction comes to Ghana for Comic Relief and it's Caitlin's job to show them around. And then it all happens really fast..



2. The lake

Niall's P.O.V

We all sat down on the couch talking about today. ''But boys you have to admit that Caitlin is a really cute girl'' Harry said. ''Well she really is but were not here for the girls Harry'' Liam spoke. ''I agree'' Louis said. When I hugged here outside the hospital I felt those tose butterflies things in my stomach but I don't know why. I don't fall so fast for someone and it's really not the right time right now. Maybe I had that feeling because of the spicy food here. ''Well..'' Liam said '' We should all get dressed dinner is an hour''. ''Nialler you too!'' Louis screamed. Sorry, I was just thinking..

So we all got dressed and walked in the direction of the Main-House. Louis opened the door for us ''Lady's first''. ''Well thankyou Louis, you look very handsome today'' Harry said while winking to Louis. ''Youre such a tease Harold''. Liam,Zayn and I just laughed. We walked further in the house and the first thing I saw whas Caitlin, wow she looks stunning. We all greeted here. ''Well I hope youre all super hungry Suzie made a lot of food, Suzie is oure cook and she's reeally good so be prepared''.

We all sat down at a big table, I was next to Caitlin. Well Caitlin why do you work here, tell us something about yourself? I asked cirious. ''Well''.. she began. ''I just really like to help people so my mom knows someone who stayed here for a while in the past. She te told me about it and I was really excited so we called some people and I could stay here for 2 months, I'm here now for 1 month. I love it here it's not a paradise but I love to make people happy''. ''Caitlin if you don't mind can I ask how old u are?'' Harry asked. ''Well I will be 18 in 2 weeks'' So youre almost the same age as we are Louis almost screamed from excitement.

We finished dinner and Caitlin and I did the dishes. The last time I did that is probably 2 years ago. Caitlin, you've got something on youre nose. I touched her nose and put some soap on it. ''You know youre gonna lose, I'm a pro at this'', she laughed a bit evil. And then I just looked at here, here dark brown eyes were so pretty. We just stared a while at each other. Suddenly I was soaking wet. She ran away laughing really loud, while I runned after here. You know I will get you, I will give you a good hug I said while laughing. She ran out of the house and I followed, she was really fast! 

Caitlin's P.O.V

I ran to the lake while Niall chased after me. I already saw the lake, I ran just a little bit faster and opened the door of the lake house. I locked it. ''I will get you Caitlin, you can't hide for me'' Niall screamed while he was still running to the house. I giggled. I could hear Niall breath really heavy, he must be tired. Okay, here's the deal I come out but you save that good hug for Harry. ''Well okay then'' I heared on the other side of the door. I opened the door, Niall looked at me with his ocean bue eyes. I looked away, Come Niall I wanna show you something.

We walked next to each other to the lake. I've bin here over 20 times but everytime it's again a mircale. I looked at Niall he just stood there with his mouth wide open. The only thing he could say was ''WOW''. Wanna go for a swim? I asked to the really sweaty Niall. I took of my tanktop and in the corner of my eye I saw Niall staring at me. I blushed and looked away and jumped in the bright blue water. Come on Niall! ''I Will get you Caitlin!'' No no we had a deal!, I swam away but Niall was too fast. He grabbed my back from behind, his hand on my belly. I turned around, he looked so pretty with all that sparkly water on his face. We looked in each other eyes, ''Youre a really nice girl Caitlin''. I blushed and looked away. Suddenly Niall was gone, I looked around and looked for him. I felt something moving between my legs. And then I was on his shoulders. I laughed he was really cute. Then Niall threw me of his shoulders. Hey, that's not fair! ''I'm sorry I just have too''. Now I was really close to Niall, again we stared at each other eyes, He put his hand on my cheek. This time I didn't looked away. I smiled and blushed and Niall did sort of the same. Then I heard someone screaming to us. ''Well helloo you there!!!'' It's Louis.



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