Coffee and Not So Many Cigarettes.

Dedicated to my Mum. Despite expectations from our current situation, you're doing great, and you've proved so many people wrong.


1. Coffee and Not So Many Cigarettes.

This one's for you, with your bittersweet smile
that lasts for a lifetime in my eyes. 
The scent of coffee that stung in the morning,
and the times we laughed, we cried. 

Asthmatic, but a quitted smoker in youth, 
stopped when a child is discovered. 
A life that's stopped, youth suddenly aged
as though you're old, withered, tired. 

Coffee addict, the scent is comforting in sad times, 
when tearfulness overcomes bravery. 
Never have you given in to thoughts of others
when they break down your walls. 

The softest hands, memories of lost memories
pushed behind the new thoughts of family. 
Times change, people leave you alone and lost,
but your family stays strong around you. 

You're independent, you don't need them now,
people can see that, for sure. 
Sometimes though, you might feel weaker, 
but we're your castle, battlements, your sanctuary. 

Reside in us, drink the bittersweet smiles of our lives
and relax in the safety of loving family. 
We're not going to let you down, not ever. 
We hold you up through your fears. 

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