my new love

its about my first love with one direction zayn


1. stay awy from my boy

zayn;harry;niall;liam;louis ar the hot boys in the world and all the girls love them.
in one day ;zayn was driving his car so fast and suddenly he hit a gir; and he lost the control of the car.......
when harry see that he caled the 911 and they took them to the hospital;the doctor say they ar ok but the girl i think she lost her memoirs ;so zayn have to take care of her.
so he take her to his house and he tell her you will stay hir tonight 
the girl:in this room you mean together?
zayn:yes ;and whts your name any way?
the girl:i dont know cause i think you hit me and i lost my memoirs.
then zayn tell her i sleep on the floor and you on the bed .
after that crazy night,when ing hes zayn was eat hes Breakfasthe heard sombody coming down the stairs but he find its just the girl.
zayn: im going out with my friends dont go to any place stay here ok?
the girl:stop!please take me with you  i dont want to stay alone.pls!!
zayn:ok but dont do any thinig bad ok!
so he take her to one direction house and he produce his friends to her and as soon as he say this is harry he Grabbed her hand and he told her let me show you the house .
after the playing louis says we have to find to the girl a name a good one like her face ,then liam say what do you think of shira !!?? 
and the girl was so happy with that name so she go to zayn and huging and kissing hem,and all of hes friend see that .
louis was with niall in the kichen, and liam was with zayn in the yard ,and shira was with harry playing video games ,evry one was happy until nicole in the house wich she was cruched about zayn from long time a go .
so when she see shira with harry she said: wow! omg harry you have a girlfriend? thats so cool!
zayn:no ,she is my girl!
niall: she is?
louis: winked him to understand its just a game.
liam: you know what nicole they ar not good at hiding them feeling 
then shira  go to zayn and she kiss him on his lips 
zayn to shira  : i love you babe
shira :love you too 
and she kiss him again ,so nicole lett the house unhappy and angry but the boys start to say :hey berd love how could bothe of you to do that .
louis :really! you look wonderful together 
every one :yes yes that true.
shira stayed with zayn about 3 monthes so the boys want to be from zayn and shira  to be lovers. so harry had idea which is letting them (zayn and shira ) at the same room .
the boys love it for that harry steal they phoons ,niall was acting he break his leg and he start screaming so zayn took him to his room and shira  was with him too .
in the night niall sneak out ,louis close the dore and all the windows,liam was puting zayn and shira at the same bed .
at the morning (zayn and shira ) find them slefs together and theu was huging each ether and they find too a romantic breakfast . evry thing was good until nicole come to the house so she start to ask aboute shira .
nicole:wher is she?i want to see her now!!
harry:oh!you cant cause she is not her.
louis: she is with zayn .
liam : they ar in the hotil .
niall: they being ther about 2 weeks so!
liam: they ar so lucky they have a lot of fun 
niall: yah thats true they ar in the best hotil in U.K
nicole:yes they ar so lucky so what do you think boys we can go to ther too
the boys:no,no,!! its ok we dont want to 
harry: alsow we dont want to destryed them romantic travel.
the boys: yes,yes that is it sorry but we cant.
louis: we dont know which hotil they ar any way 
niall:yah ,they didnt tall us 
nicole :that ugly ,she robber my love!!!!!!!

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