Abilities (Elements Sequel)

The kids are back in a all new exciting adventure. one of Alex's friends gained an ability by wearing a similar pendant to be able to teleport (Stephanie) she then falls in love with him, and she becomes obsessed, thinking that something romantic is going on between him and Hannah, she goes on a rampage attempting to kill her, Alex and the gang must save Hannah before Stephanie kills her. Will they get there in time?


6. Chapter 6

Magically, out of no where they re-appeared, Alex was startled by what he saw, Stephanie had teleported out of the falling elevator, and saved Alex's life. As they were looking for the rest of their class, they were discussing what they saw. Alex couldn't believe that the girl he had been crushing on, had a pendant which gave her abilities as well. "Your powers are totally cooler than mine though, i can go places, but you... you have the power to literally move planet earth." she told him as they returned to the group.

Later, when Alex was home, The team called up on multi-chat on their webcams, Alex had missed the girls, and felt like they needed to make up. "Guys, I'm sorry for ignoring you for a while, I was hurt that my best friends would insult someone so much, and anyway, its not like we fit in either, we control the elements for gods sake! If anyone found out, everyone would think we are mutant freaks!" Alex said, attempting to hold back his emotions. "It's O.K., Alex, we could have been more supportive of your decision." Hannah replied. "We should have respected and trusted you more and in your decisions." Fiona added. "so, what do you say, friends again?" Jenny asked. Alex nodded, and the elementals were back!  

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