Abilities (Elements Sequel)

The kids are back in a all new exciting adventure. one of Alex's friends gained an ability by wearing a similar pendant to be able to teleport (Stephanie) she then falls in love with him, and she becomes obsessed, thinking that something romantic is going on between him and Hannah, she goes on a rampage attempting to kill her, Alex and the gang must save Hannah before Stephanie kills her. Will they get there in time?


5. Chapter 5

The team, if they were even considered a team, had a school trip the following Monday, to 'Spencer & Sons' sewage plant to learn about pollution in the earth, it being his natural element, Alex wanted to try and help get rid of the pollution around his town so he snuck out of his group and went to find the main industrial area. Little did he know Stephanie caught him sneaking away and decided to follow him, Alex looked at a map and discovered the industrial area of 'Spencer & Sons' was on level 9, so he stealthily darted towards the elevator to travel up.

Stephanie followed him to the top level 9 but did not take the elevator, and somehow she beat him to the top, but Alex wasn't concerned of that, he got the spend more time with Stephanie (who he had developed a slight crush on) 

A few minutes before their school left the factory, Alex and Stephanie ran to the elevator to meet up with the class so they wouldn't be in trouble. When they got into the elevator something horrible happened the cable broke and Alex and Stephanie fell quickly down 9 stories and the basement. Alex wanted to help and protect (it was in his nature to do so) so he created a huge plant and pushed them out to the walls trying to create friction, slowing it down, but it was no use, nothing would work. Stephanie, shocked and confused at what she saw with Alex's abilities, she grabbed out a necklace, just like Alex and the elementals have and grabbed on to Alex and they vanished...

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