Abilities (Elements Sequel)

The kids are back in a all new exciting adventure. one of Alex's friends gained an ability by wearing a similar pendant to be able to teleport (Stephanie) she then falls in love with him, and she becomes obsessed, thinking that something romantic is going on between him and Hannah, she goes on a rampage attempting to kill her, Alex and the gang must save Hannah before Stephanie kills her. Will they get there in time?


4. Chapter 4

Days went by and Alex hadn't said a word to any of his elemental friends, this had been the longest time they haven't spoken. This hurt all five of them but he was just too angry to forgive them at that moment. It was finally the weekend and Alex was bored as hell, considering he had no power practice, so he sat in his room and revived and killed his plant repeatedly. His mother came up and said: "Alex honey, no plans with the girls today? You always hang out with them on Saturdays." Alex shook his  head and told his mum what happened between the elemental's. His mother had no idea what to say, her son lost all four of his friends, for a girl! "So, why don't you call up this Stephanie girl, you seem to along with her very well, I know,  we can take her out to dinner!" his suggested. "Thanks mum, but I think we can just hang out here for a while." he replied. "Alright, its your life!" She left Alex alone to make the call. "Hey, Steph, do you wanna come over?" he asked, he had a slight nervous tone, it was probably for the reason that he had a crush on her! "OK sure i'll be round in 20 minutes." she replied.

When Stephanie got to the house, she was instantly impressed, Alex lived in a huge 6 bedroom house with 3 bath rooms, Alex even had his own private bathroom, considering the fact that Alex was an only child. he had a lot spare rooms so he filled them up with plants and trees, pretty much a in house forest. "Nice place, Mrs McDermott roe!" Stephanie said. "Well, aren't you sweet, ALex's room is upstairs 3rd room on the left. And Stephanie ventured up Alex's mansion to find him.

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