Abilities (Elements Sequel)

The kids are back in a all new exciting adventure. one of Alex's friends gained an ability by wearing a similar pendant to be able to teleport (Stephanie) she then falls in love with him, and she becomes obsessed, thinking that something romantic is going on between him and Hannah, she goes on a rampage attempting to kill her, Alex and the gang must save Hannah before Stephanie kills her. Will they get there in time?


3. Chapter 3

"Ring!!!" went the bell, Maths was over. "So, see you around" Alex said as they left the room. "Yeah, I'd like that." As the day progressed, Alex couldn't stop thinking about how intriguing Stephanie was. "Someone on your mind?" Jenny asked. "It's none of your business, but yes, the new girl, Stephanie, i like her a lot."  he replied. "Really, the girl who has no friends, really?!" she answered. Alex thought this was quite rude and stormed away, as he walked he said: "You know what, no power practice today. I expected this from anyone but you Jenny, I thought you were my friend!"


The next day, Alex was still upset with Jenny, for her comment, so for science he left his friends and went to sit with Stephanie. "Hi, can I sit here?" he asked, Stephanie nodded and he sat down. What felt like days later, the bell went and it was break. As Alex left the classroom Fiona, Hannah and Jess came up to Alex and Fiona said: "Alex, wait up! Where were you yesterday, we had to do 'you know what' without you!" he knew that 'you know what' was power practice, but since no one knew of their powers, it was best to keep it hidden.  "I don't like the way Jenny insulted Stephanie, she is new and deserves the right to make friends." he replied. Fiona couldn't believe the way Alex was acting, he had never stood up to his friends like this before. "Seriously, Alex, you can have a girlfriend but you need to practice with us, what if something happens like last time!" Jess said. "She is just a friend, I can't believe you guys are being so selfish! We have the powers of the elements, we shouldn't argue this much!" He replied in anguish, he was so insulted by the fact that his best friends betrayed him.


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