Abilities (Elements Sequel)

The kids are back in a all new exciting adventure. one of Alex's friends gained an ability by wearing a similar pendant to be able to teleport (Stephanie) she then falls in love with him, and she becomes obsessed, thinking that something romantic is going on between him and Hannah, she goes on a rampage attempting to kill her, Alex and the gang must save Hannah before Stephanie kills her. Will they get there in time?


2. Chapter 2

The kids went back to their first day back of school after half term, Alex was ready to take on the world (and with his power he pretty much could!). Fiona couldn't wait to get back and see her friends again, she waited two weeks to see her elemental buddies. Hannah couldn't wait to join the swim team, with her recent love for water she couldn't wait to dive in. Jess, was excited for Art club, she loved drawing and couldn't wait to show off her talents, and finally Jenny, she wanted to get into electronics club, she found it easy to start up electrical equipment without using a plug. The gang's first lesson was Maths, They had to do a poster on Algebra, their teacher paired them up: Jess with Fiona, Hannah with Jenny, and Alex was paired with a new girl named Stephanie, she was quiet, mysterious. "So, you like maths?"  Alex asked, trying to break the uncomfortable silence. "Honestly, can we just get this work done, I don't want a detention." she replied hastily. Alex was unsure how to feel about the new girl, but he found her oddly compelling. "Who do you hang out with, any new friends?" he asked. "No, not really" she replied "Well, you can hang out with me, consider me your tour guide, and a friend." he told her, she nodded and they continued the work.

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