The Bullying

About a 13 year old girl (Maddie) who got bullied by a group of year 11s the only person who understands is the newest English teacher he has been at the school for a year. Maddie and Mr Swan (the teacher) started at this school the same year and he taught her.


2. Getting there

i walked up the stairs to R9 as i was walking up there, there was a sinking feeling in my stomach. i got to the glass doors of the hall way i was shaking i was so nervous. i got to his door i lifted my hand and knocked very lightly. he came to the door with his gleaming smile he gestured me to come i and have a seat. i walked slowly i took the chair from under the table with my shaking hands he shut the door behind me and sat opposite me. i told him what had happened i was shaking through the whole thing managed not to cry. after i had finished telling him he explained how he would tell head of house and that i could always come up to his room to get away from them or just to talk.

i felt like i could tell him anything which i do now because i even told him who i fancies and he's in his form. right this second i feel like i need to tell him whats going on but i don't have enough courage. every time they did something i would tell Mr Swan he is so supportive i just wish i could tell this. Mr Swan is like another Dad to me he is better than the one i have and anyone should be grateful to have him as a Dad or in his personal life. 

the bullying carried on for about 3 weeks and i would always tell Mr Swan like he said. now well since the end of the Christmas term i have had it really bad they don't actually say anything but its in my head i cannot be in a room by myself or not be talking to someone because all i can think about is what they had been saying. lately i have been thinking more about cutting and i have been more paranoid and i keep thinking that they are in my room at night and on the bus this morning i could have sworn that Jack was next to me and he kept putting his arm around my shoulders. at night when the light goes off i can see them stood in my room saying stuff about me. sometimes i can see them coming over to me and they put their fists up and tr to slap me and punch me. i still always think about cutting more than normal. i have told one person and that's Chloe but she says she understands but i don't think she really does. i want to tell Mr Swan but i don't know what i can say that doesn't make me sound like a crazy person. i know he probably wont think that but its still really hard for me to tell him. i REALLY want to but i don't think i can because he cant do anything about it.

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