The Bullying

About a 13 year old girl (Maddie) who got bullied by a group of year 11s the only person who understands is the newest English teacher he has been at the school for a year. Maddie and Mr Swan (the teacher) started at this school the same year and he taught her.


3. Finally!

at night i stay up and all i can hear is what they had been saying to me before. I JUST WANT IT TO STOP! i don't know what i can do probably nothing but i still want it to stop i will do ANYTHING! i don't want my parents knowing or any of my family for that matter they will never know this is between me, Chloe and you and maybe Mr Swan. i just hope it doesn't get any worse because i think i might break. i thought i was going to walking home on Monday 14th January it started at school at lunch time it had been snowing and DD and his friends started throwing snowballs directly at me and my friends and then on the way home Jack got a snow/ice ball and throw it at me. it really hurt. i was so close to crying i rang Chloe and i explained what had happened as i had finished i was at my house so i held back from crying. 


I ended up telling Mr Swan it was the best thing that has ever happened. It hasn't happened since then and every things back to normal. 

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