The Bullying

About a 13 year old girl (Maddie) who got bullied by a group of year 11s the only person who understands is the newest English teacher he has been at the school for a year. Maddie and Mr Swan (the teacher) started at this school the same year and he taught her.


1. First of all

Right lets start from the begging my names Madeleine i'm 13 years old. my life is terrible but i have the best friends and my family lets just say i don't tell them anything. that's why i have the friends i do i tell them EVERYTHING apart from one secret. school is terrible i hate it no one understands me i can't even tell Mr Swan whats going on i feel so alone. Here we go. 

it's Monday morning i'm shattered because i was up all night talking to Dalton (DD). he's a year 11 he seems cool. well it was a normal school day get up, get dressed go to the bus, as i said everything was normal until the end of lunch. i was walking past DD and his friends i knew one of them Jack we went to primary school together. well i was walking past them when Jack pointed at me and said, Her" to his friends. they started laughing i ignored them and got my bag and walked to form. form was fine so was last period but when we got on the bus jack said "oh how was your time with Dalton then?" i ignored him again. when i got home i took off my blazer and shoes i took my iPod out of my pocket and went on Facebook to see if Dalton knew anything about what Jack and that were on about. so i said, "hey do you know how your friends knew that we were talking?" "i don't know but they got hold of my phone and were going through it ;)" "OK :)" we carried on talking for a bit then i got a message that i wasn't expecting. "your a f**king sl*g leave Dalton alone you b**ch"didn't know what to reply but before i could Dalton sent me another message. "that was Jack sorry" we carried  on talking talking after that and even now when i read that message it sends shivers down my spine, and that was on the 3rd of October 2011. last year i got bullied a lot by the same group of year 11 boys the ones i know are Dalton (but he didn't really do anything), Jack, Ollie, Jordan, Loz and Harry (but he didn't really do anything) but the main ones were Jack, Ollie and Jordan. it was really bad and by this point i didn't think i could do it anymore every night when i would sit upstairs i would think of cutting and suicide. i knew i had to tell someone i couldnt be alone without thinking of these thoughts. i knew who i was going to tell the only teacher/ person who would probably care Mr Swan. so at friday lunch last year i went up to his room by myself and went to tell all that had been happening it was hard. 

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