one direction IMAGINES!!!

every chapter is a new imagine!!!! i hope you enjoy reading and feel free to fan girl!!! :D


3. zayn malik imagine!

look at your bedroom door.


you've had the worst day ever! then suddenly one direction walk in and suddenly start singing save you tonight. the song is finished and zayn walks over to you and whisks you up in his arms bridal style and takes you to a posh restaurant and says "I've been looking for my perfect girl and now I've found you" he asks you out and you say yes! six months later, you and him are so in love its unreal. he takes you back to the posh restaurant he asked you out in and gets on one knee. he looks you in the eye and says "I've loved you from the start and have been waiting for this moment my whole life! will you marry me?" you're so happy, you say yes over and over and over again. everyone around you in the restaurant claps and someone even whistles! a year later you're married and have a son called zayn junior. you live happily ever after!

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