one direction IMAGINES!!!

every chapter is a new imagine!!!! i hope you enjoy reading and feel free to fan girl!!! :D


1. niall horan imagine!


youre sat in first class on the plane listening to one direction songs on your iPod  whilst looking out of the window. you have a spare seat next to you and no one is sat i  it. you're still looking out of the window in your own world, when someone taps you on the shoulder . you turn around and look up to see a blonde haired boy. "is this seat taken?" he asks in his husky Irish voice. you shake your head blushing, completely in shock that the hottest member of the world's most famous boy band; one direction has just spoken to you and is now sat next to you for 10 hours! you two talk the whole ten hours laughing and joking, and when the flight is over he asks if you want to go to a restaurant called nandos with him and the jump at the chance and say it would be fun! during the meal the boys offer for you to go and watch the take me home tour rehearsals  you say yes and keep in contact with the boys. at the end of the tour rehearsal niall asks you on a date just the two of you. you say yes and cant wait. you and niall keep going on dates and on the tenth date he asks you out as a're thrilled and say yes. you and niall have been together for three years and are truly madly deeply in love. valentines day is coming up and niall says he has something really special panned and you should get ready for the best day of your life! on valentines day he takes you to another special restaurant (more special than nandos :D). yo go to the toilet during the meal and when you come back niall is on one knee in a black suit with his hair perfectly quiff-ed looking handsome as ever! harry Louis liam and zayn are standing be hind him singing a quiet romantic slow song. " will you marry me?" he says smiling from ear to ear. you're so happy you don't hold back on saying yes, a year later you get married and already have two little girls called Skye and Annabelle!  you live happily ever after!!!!

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