one direction IMAGINES!!!

every chapter is a new imagine!!!! i hope you enjoy reading and feel free to fan girl!!! :D


2. English lesson imagine!


you're in your English lesson singing one direction and your teacher gets so annoyed they send you outside. your teacher come to talk to you about why you got sent outside  and says you're always singing one direction. you still carry on singing every lesson though and you get sent outside all the time. one lesson your teacher says "i have a surprise for all one direction fans especially you!2 and points at you. he nods at the door and five extremely familiar boys walk in to the classroom. then it clicks that its one direction! the most handsome one walks over to you and says "i heard its always been a dream of yours to touch my hair?" he laughs. you just sit there still, in complete shock from what the hell ha s just happened. the curly haired boy takes your hand and puts it on his hair, you rub your hand on his hair and die inside! he then says the song him and the boys are going o sing is dedicated to you. they start singing little things and your heart melts. you fan girl like crazy. after the song you and a few friends have a picture with the boys and they follow you on twitter. sadly the end of the day bell goes but the curly haired boy asks you to stay behind and says "never annoy your teacher with our songs again! he winks and kisses you on the cheek, then slowly walks away. you're left thinking BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

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