Break Up. Poems. Obviously.

These are poems mostly about separation and breakdown but this is not a depressing collection - defiance and hope weave their way through the poems.


13. For the Love of Santa


It's the same every year
held hostage
by DNA
to familial antipathy
just a little
necessary blackmail
thrown in
do it or else

mediocre milestones

she had a baby...
they're having a baby...
it's her third, you know

no I didn't know

Eric's got a job
stacking shelves

ho ho ho
yes that's wonderful
you say
without conviction
from behind a glass face
as the elders snore away

the dead bird
is stuffed, argued over

a bright hope from infancy
diminishes rapidly
but still some of us try

to restore the glitter
bring back the snow
for the love of Santa

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