Break Up. Poems. Obviously.

These are poems mostly about separation and breakdown but this is not a depressing collection - defiance and hope weave their way through the poems.


7. All You (The Frustration of a Fool)


Oh, if you were serious, you'd walk into the council offices,
tell them you're white, male, childless and middle-aged,
they'd give you the keys to a palace, straightaway,
with swings in the garden, a duck pond,
underfloor heating and a gym. I know

they would. While you're at it, get a stepladder,
so you can get to the topmost branches
and pluck yourself one of the many jobs,
well-paid, shiny and secure, that hang there,
fruit for the picking by the strivers,

not skivers, all you underemployed and underpaid,
I really resent the way you get to sleep.

It must be great, playing games all day
like, Hide From The Bailiff,
Cry Because Nobody Cares Anymore.
Hell yes. I envy and resent you,
saving my care for the deserving poor.

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