Abandoned with Luck

Ever since Madison's mother died at her birth her father has been blaming himself and has taken all his anger out on his daughter. while drinking every night he abuses his young girl.
Madison was bullied through school and even attempted suicide, but she is now your regular 18 year old. smart, funny, kind and beautiful but behind her bright smile she hides pain, loneliness and sadness.


1. Running Nowhere

Hey guys I hope you like my new story, just to say this story was written by me and my best friend we wrote this together over messenger we showed heaps of people and they told us to upload this, so I really hope you like it. ;D




no hate




My heart was pounding against my chest as I run through the thick fog. Each step got harder as the cold rain socked into my old ripped clothes, making me heavier, harder for my legs to carry me. The footsteps in distance suddenly right behind me. I scream for help even though I knew there wouldn't be a response.

Through the thick fog I spotted something big in the dark alley way up ahead. The tears from my eyes made my vision blurry as did the low cloud and cold rain. I couldn't see any other surroundings except for the dark object and the rough ground beneath my bare feet. I hear the footsteps behind me catching up as I knew I was slowing down. The strong wind started to pick up as I ran forwards towards the alley.

As I entered the alley the large object I stopped before was a dumpster. I forced myself towards it, the footsteps still chasing me, Tears poured from my eyes as I approached the large bin. I hear the running footsteps pace themselves into a walk, as I collieded into a brick wall and fell to the hard grpund. nothing made sense anymore. Everything was chasing me but I have nowhere to run.

I crouched into a ball, my eyes shut tight as the slow walking shadow came towards the bin. The thick fog around me was chocking me, making my breathing quick and heavy. The beat of my heart quickened as I heard the footsteps approach me.

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