Abandoned with Luck

Ever since Madison's mother died at her birth her father has been blaming himself and has taken all his anger out on his daughter. while drinking every night he abuses his young girl.
Madison was bullied through school and even attempted suicide, but she is now your regular 18 year old. smart, funny, kind and beautiful but behind her bright smile she hides pain, loneliness and sadness.


2. a Diamond in Rubble

Niall's P.O.V



The boys and I were having a good night in the club. we had spent a good 3 hours in there so we thought its time to head back to Harry's place and camp there the night. We walked out of the club having the best night with the boys. at that moment I heard a scream for help. I didn't know where the scream had come from. The boys didn't here it because of the heavy rain. I could barley see 5 metres in front of me because of the heavy fog and cold rain. I decided to ignore it thinking it had come form the club.

We started to walk back to Harry's place in the pouring rain. Harry's house wasn't that far anyway. I saw something large move in the corner of my eye i turned my head to the right as i saw a small dark ally way. I decided to take a look for curiosity sake. I heard the boys yelling over the heavy rain, asking me what i was doing. I just ignored them and continued into the small alley. I heard another scream. The same scream i heard earlier. this one was much closer but i couldn't see anything accept for a dumpster. The boys came up behind me now. I saw a figue crawl from behind the large bin. I raced over to the person struggling across the ground. The person instantly stopped moving. A beautiful young girl about my age was lying on the wet ground motionless. A red liquid ran from her pail skin. I turned her body over realising the wound was more than a graze from the ground. It was a deep stab wound to the stomach. I got Harry to call an ambulance as i tried to put pressure on her stomach to stop the loss of blood. Louis, Zayn and Liam helped me. What if its to late.


* Madison's P.O.V*



'No please' I screamed he came towards me It was raining I was backed up against a brick wall, tears poured down my cheek he held me by the throat, he held a knife to my neck he moved the knife down my shoulder passed my arm to my stomach he held his hand back then through my body I felt the sharp pain I fell to the ground as I saw him walk away fading into the thick fog, as I attempt to crawl and scream for help everything went blurry, fuzzy as I took my last breath everything went black..

*end on FlashBack/Dream*

I Suddenly wake from the nightmare. The bright lights hit my eyes as i look around the white room i was in. I looked though the window in the door seeing about five gorgeous boys waiting outside my room. One of the boys looked into the window seeing i was awake. He came rushing in, with the other 4 boys following closely behind him.

One of the boys caught my eye. He was about my height , with blond hair and bright blue eyes. He had that charm about him. He looked like an angel. Just then i realised i saw staring. He started to blush, then moved away so someone else could see me.

"Im Doctor Chambers" the man introduced himself. He started talking again but i just started to stare at the 5 boys behind him. Why were 5 handsome strangers standing in my hospital room? I looked up back at the doctor.

"You seemed to have recovered from the wound, but you will have to stay here overnight, just so we can keep an eye on you." The doctor spoke before leaving the room.

I was left with 5 boys standing In front of me, I was still confused and it seemed they noticed.

"Hi I'm Niall" I mentally giggled, I have always adored the Irish.

"Hello I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson" I saw a boy with an amazayn style of clothing, and a British voice,

"I'm Harry" I looked over and smiled to his giant flock of curls dangling from his head,

"I'm Liam"my head followed to a boy who sounded British, and was absolutely charming, "and I'm Zayn" I giggled but this time out loud,

"what's so funny" Zayn and the other boys looked confused.

"Uhm nothing" I lied I was actually giggling at the fact that Zayn I think was looking at himself through the window, while he was introducing himself.

"Oh well okay, I hope your feeling alright" my smile slowly disappeared, remembering the events of last night, before I could stop myself tears started flowing from my eyes, the 5 boys came over and comforted me,                                        "you'll be okay" I know that was Niall from his Irish accent. I smiled as they hugged me, I haven't felt this way for so long, the feeling of being loved. My mum died when I was 4, and my father, well lets just say we don't get along very well.

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