That one fortune cookie at that one Chinese restaurant that made that one moment that managed to twist her life forever. Olivia Hunter had been on the run from her former fiancé Josman MacMahonn for two years, when she found out that he was running from the police for a serious of crimes. So far she had been successful, but what will happen when he finds her again....


1. Prologue

I remember that day like it was yesterday.

Cheesy way to begin, I know, but that was exactly what it was like.

I had just called off my marriage to my fiancé, Josman, after discovering that he was an alcoholic and a criminal.

Two years ago, to this day, I sat in a Chinese restaurant, minding my own business and trying to decide what I wanted to eat. I had eventually came to a decision when my fortune cookies arrived and when I cracked it open, my life was changed.

Ever since, he has been out to get me and there is only one thing I can do.


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