That one fortune cookie at that one Chinese restaurant that made that one moment that managed to twist her life forever. Olivia Hunter had been on the run from her former fiancé Josman MacMahonn for two years, when she found out that he was running from the police for a serious of crimes. So far she had been successful, but what will happen when he finds her again....


3. Chapter 2

I was awoken by a gentle thud as the plane arrived in LAX airport. I was amazed. I had just taken a random ticket to anywhere, as long as it was in America, where Josman wouldn't find me. I grabbed my luggage and was on my way.

I ran outside waiting for a taxi to pass. As a mad rush for taxis began, more and more taxis appeared, and eventually I managed to to get one. I hopped inside and requested that I was taken to the nearest hotel.

"Radio?" he asked, turning his head slightly so it didn't look like he was talking to himself.

"Yes, thanks," I replied politely, yet suspiciously. The voice sounded familiar, as did the hair that coated his head.

A forty three year old man was murdered last night by wanted criminal Josman MacMahonn at about nine o'clock. Neighbours have revealed that they heard someone shouting for help, but thought nothing of it. MacMahonn is allegedly exploring the world, searching for his next victim, who is believed to be his former fiancé, a twenty two year old girl named Olivia Hunter. Anyone who can give information is urged to call police.

I immediately zoned out, momentarily forgetting that as long as they didn't know my name, I was safe. A million thoughts raced through my head.

'He is going to find me. I don't even know where he is. What if he does catch me? Where will I go? What will he do?'

These thoughts ran in circled through my head, over and over. I had gone into overdrive. There was no esaping this constant hole of fear that I was living in. All I could think about was him. I was lucky to get a whole night's sleep, without waking up with tears and sweat streaming down my face.

I felt the car pull to an abrupt stop, knocking me out of my thoughts. I looked out the side window and saw that we had arrived at a small hotel. As the door jolted open, I realised that the car didn't stop all that violently, I was just thinking too hard. The taxi driver stood up and opened the boot of the car for me, allowing me to grasp the brown suitcase that I carried with me whenever I had to move again.

"Thanks," I mumbled, not looking at the driver.

"Any time, Livvy."

Livvy? How did he know my name? That wasn't even what I was known by anymore, and I hadn't spoken to anyone who knew me by the name of 'Livvy' for two years. Unless.....

I looked up and saw a pair of familiar green eyes staring down at my light blue ones. The man I had been running from for two years. The man that woke me in the middle of the night, leaving me screaming and sobbing. The man whose deceitful face I had feared since what felt like before the beginning of time.

I was face to face with Josman once again.

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