That one fortune cookie at that one Chinese restaurant that made that one moment that managed to twist her life forever. Olivia Hunter had been on the run from her former fiancé Josman MacMahonn for two years, when she found out that he was running from the police for a serious of crimes. So far she had been successful, but what will happen when he finds her again....


2. Chapter 1

I was sitting at the airport waiting for my plane to arrive. He had found me again.


My psycho ex. We wre supposed to be getting married when I managed to work out he was a drug smuggler, a theif, an alcoholic, a murderer.... basically he was a wanted man. He had managed to hide it for me for three years. It made me wonder if he had stolen the silver diamond ring that he gave me when he proposed. The one I wore on my finger day after day that reminded me of our love.

That was two years ago.

As I reminisced, I held the piece of paper in my hand. That's right. My fate. The bit that I had found neatly folded inside a fortune cookie. I had recited what it said, and it was constantly running through my head, no matter what I was doing.

You are in grave danger. Tell no one. Just run. Never come back. Tell no one.

It said 'tell no one' twice so I guess it was pretty serious about it keeping to myself. I must say, at that point I had done a pretty good job. I had lost all contact with my friends, parents, Josman and even work. I had changed my accent and the clothes I wore. I made sure that I had heavy make up on day in and day out to conceal my identity.

I held the piece of paper in my trembling hands. It had the past two years of my life hidden inside it. A few words marked on a page in black ink, and every word of it was my past, my present and my future.

I hoped against hope that I wouldn't have to live like this forever. I wanted to go home and see my friends and family. So far, I had moved from Englad to France to Australia to Germany to Egypt and now, to America. He had found me each time. I couldn't just mindlessly wander the earth. I didn't want to hide myself anymore. I had forgotted what my British accent sounded like. I wasn't me. I wasn't Olivia Hunter anymore. I was Anne Lewis. I had replaced my brown hair with black shags instead. I wanted to see my natural hair again. I wanted to take off all the make up. I wanted to dress like Olivia, not Anne. I wanted to be me.

My thoughts were interrupted by my flight being called over the PA System. I stood up and walked away from Egypt and away from Josman. As I did so, I moved closer and closer to Anne Lewis and further and further from Olivia Hunter.

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