Let This be the Last Time

A breath A miracle A farewell And the time has stopped To start again

Sophia and Mason are your average young couple. But, she is a victim of a crime. And a last fight is all it takes for her to confess all she saw that night to the police. She is offered a change of identity, and protection because the man they're searching for is known to be dangerous. She takes the offer and everything is set for her new life after the last court. A life without Mason, thousands of miles away. She goes on for a couple of years. Then, another boy is chasing her for faked love. But, who is this boy really? He has unknown past. And what will happen if Mason suddenly appears in her life again and tells her he's been searching for her all his life? This is a story of love being punctured by bloody knifes from dirty crimes.


2. 2


Cradle me

I'll cradle you

I'll win your heart

Pulling shapes just for your eyes 

So with toothpaste kisses and lines

I'll be yours and you'll be


Lay with me,

I'll lay with you

We'll do the things that lovers do

Put the stars in our eyes

And with heart shaped bruises

And late night kisses


He sang. My eyes were closed but my ears were open. My ears were yearning like always. Yearning for his sweet, lovely, unbreakable voice. He walked the streets carrying me. I didn't see it, I only felt it. A loud key, I heard. Shaking and shaking. Making so terrible sounds. Oh I wished it would stop. My head. Yes it hurt. Steps. Another door. He laid me on another soft, comfortable, and warm place. But, it wasn't as good as being so close to him. He took off my sweater, then my shoes. My feet were exposed to a terrible cold place. I shivered. Or so I felt. I was laid back down, and covered in a blanket. His blanket. Like always. He pulled back my hair from my face. His cold hands cupped on my cheeks all night. Shapes. Your eyes.  His sparkling eyes stared at me through the night. His golden dark features. His lips on my ear. Toothpaste kisses and lines. His fingers. His fingers curled on my black, curly, long hair. Stars in our eyes. And finally his eyes closed in peace. A nd late night kisses.  Divine.   

 In early dawn, my eyes cringed away from the sun. The balcony curtains flew wild as did the wind. That white fabric I loved and picked. White with laces and sparkling cream beads sewed. I could swear it could be turned into a wedding dress. He said it reminds him of me. (Not that he forgets about me.) My heart beat and beat faster. My vision went up and down. Then I saw him. I smiled; he smiled. Up, standing. Helpless; his hands by his sides. Then, my eyes closed. Heart shaped bruises.  The next time my eyes opened  he was gone. Or I couldn't find him. The sun looked like a noon sun now. I heard a plate then another set on the table downstairs. I almost ran down to the white kitchen in my dreams. No breakfast but Turkish Toast with tea was on the table. I smiled standing in the doorway.

 "Come on! Sit down before they get cold."

He encouraged me. He sat down in the wooden chair after I did. I took a bite and it tasted like heaven. -Like always.

"Nefis. Nefis!" I said then kissed his cheek. 

"So it's more delicious than the one's you make?"

Now he played the nasty question game. "Hmm let me think." I said crossing my arms and putting my thinking-like-a-nerd mask on.

"Nahhh. mines are better."

"What? You're breaking my feelings." He said, putting his sad puppy look.

 "Joke yours are better." I laughed.

"Really? Yey!" He said.


"No yours are." He said after a few minutes. Oh no, now were playing that game, where he keeps on repeating and repeating until I quit. I'm not quiting.


I sat in the couch and he sat on my lap. My hand on his cheeks and his hand twisting my hair again. After which seemed like a long time of looking at each other, examining, and smiling without any words he pulled my hair that he was playing with down and he wanted a kiss. 


I yelled.  He gave a small laughter to this world. A joy to me. He sat up now, his back laying on the couch. I laid on top of him and we kissed. A very long kiss it was. Our breathlessness faced each other. We, or him moved so fast my heart felt like it was inside-out. 

Hhmm... My heart. His heart. Its the same thing. If we were separated or broken we would live half. How can a person live with half a heart? You know how they say everything is possible? Well, living with half a heart is truly impossible.                 



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