The Body Guard

Ashley was a normal girl until her parents were killed by an unknown agency. She was sent to live with her aunt who was a secret spy for the government. Her aunt trained her until the same agency killed her aunt. From having no family and no one to love she didn't care and trained her hardest to be (what she is now) the world greatest spy. So when she gets hired to guard the famous band One Direction will it be from the same agency that killed her family? And will she get her revenge or get killed trying?

(Alrighty my peoples I hope you love this story just as much as I will love writing it.)


3. The Paintball Game

They were wrong to choose to a game involving guns which is my specialty.  As we loaded out guns with paint we formed 2 teams red and blue. I was on the blue team with Harry and Louis and on the red team were Niall, Zayn, and Liam. We were playing in the woods near a park it was a pretty day out. To bad they may not even be able to see it when I'm done with them they'll be covered in paint from head to toe.

I blew the whistle indicating it was time to start and we all ran in different directions. I climbed a tree so that I could see everything below me. That's when Niall came and sat down at the bottom of the tree wrong decision but I wasn't just going to shoot him nope that's just not me. So I slowly and carefully slid down the trunk of the the tree. I slowly came behind him and not only blew my whistle right in his ear but when he turned around shot him when no man should ever be shot. But also I couldn't hold in the laughing and just laughed as he was in pain.

Yep by blowing the whistle I had given away my position so I had get out of there fast. But before I did I grabbed a sticky note and a pen and wrote on it 'Your Next :Ashley the bodyguard' and then stuck it on his forehead and left. Of course I had to see their reaction when they read it so I didn't go that far and climbed another tree. And sure enough their reaction was priceless wow I haven't had this much fun in ages.

I was about to get down when I was shot and it hurt more then it should have. I lifted up my shirt to see a hole in my side I had been shot by a real gun which meant the boys were in trouble. It hurt too much to move but I couldn't just give up so I jumped down and pulled out my gun. I kept looking for the boys and then I found Louis and Harry they had stuck together. Good. I ran up to them to see a flash of black run past me and remembered I saw the same thing when I was shot. This is not good so I pointed my gun right at him and shot.

It had hit my target perfect. I ran up to the boys and told them to go find the rest of them and hurry. I went to confront the person I had shot.When I approached he was still breathing so I hadn't killed him which was good because I had a few questions he needed to answer. I kicked him and he looked up at me he wasn't bad looking black straight hair blue/gray eyes. Actually he was gorgeous but I'm getting off track here I grabbed the collar of his shirt and asked him "who are you and why did you shoot me" he looked to stunned to answer. But then he spoke up and said "I was hired to kill you and those five boys I don't know why it was just a job." Why would they want me dead oh right I am the best spy in the world. I hadn't noticed noticed but my side was bleeding very badly and had lost alot of blood while running. I felt sorry for the guy I mean it was just a job so I told him "leave and don't bother the boys or me again or I will kill you without fail" he nodded then got up and limped away.

My side was in unimaginable pain but I had to find the boys to see if they were safe. I walked back to the park outside the forest to find all five boys with worried expressions on their faces. When I saw they were safe I felt I had done enough and collapsed on the pavement with my blood pouring out from under me. Then everything went black.

Louis's Prov

Me and Harry heard a gunshot and got scared. Then before we knew it we saw Ashley running towards us and a guy in black running a couple yards away from her. Then she pointed her gun a him and shot him and he fell on the ground. She ran up to us holding her side and I had noticed all the blood pouring out of it then she told us to find the rest quickly. We started running to find the rest of the boys in the parking lot waiting for us with confused faces. We then told them what happened and just when we finished Ashley limped out of the forest and collapsed on the ground. She was out cold so we took her to the hospital and got her a room to stay in to recover. The doctor had been in there for hours until he came out with good and bad news. "Well the good news is she survived but the bad news is she has lost alot of blood and will need to be hospitalized for a couple of weeks" he said. We went inside to see her and she didn't look well at all hopefully she will wake up soon.


(Ya sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been sick and just didn't feel like it. But I'll try to update every other day. And again its night time and I'm tired so GOODNIGHT PEOPLE I LOVE YOU ALL)

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