The Body Guard

Ashley was a normal girl until her parents were killed by an unknown agency. She was sent to live with her aunt who was a secret spy for the government. Her aunt trained her until the same agency killed her aunt. From having no family and no one to love she didn't care and trained her hardest to be (what she is now) the world greatest spy. So when she gets hired to guard the famous band One Direction will it be from the same agency that killed her family? And will she get her revenge or get killed trying?

(Alrighty my peoples I hope you love this story just as much as I will love writing it.)


1. The Assignment

(Hello Peoples before you ask no I did not copy and never will and I hope you enjoy the story)


Hi my names Ashley and ever since my parents died I have been living with my aunt. When I had first got here she had revealed to me that she was indeed a spy and ever since has been training me to be just as great. But once she was killed I needed revenge on who ever killed her and my parents. And trained till I was the best this world ever seen and only get the hardest assignments.

It was a normal day I had just got done training and was tired so I walked back to my car Damon. "Good evening Ashley how was your training" Damon said (and before you ask yes Damon is a talking car its one of the perks of being the worlds greatest spy.) "My training was fantastic Damon any knew assignments" I said "only one is a position for a bodyguard for a boy band and this was from head quarters so it must be important" "okay call head quarters and I'll ask"I wonder what this is about "right away Ashley"


Head Quarters-Hello this is Sargent Bowman speaking

Me- Yes Sargent this is Agent Ashley speaking I've called in reference to a job you offered me about a body guard position

Sargent-Ah indeed we have her heard word that the agency that killed your family is trying to kill a famous boy band and they need an expert like you to protect them and I thought you might want revenge

Me- Well in that case sign me up I'd be glad to protect them from those bastards, when do I meet them

Sargent- Their flight lands tomorrow so you can meet them at the airport at ten' o clock

Me- Will do thank you and by the way whats the name of the boy band

Sargent- The names One Direction and look for their body guard Paul he'll fill you in on the details

Me- Thank you and have a good day sir, Agent Ashley out


Well this will be interesting can't wait to meet the people who those bastards want to kill wonder why? Oh well I'll ask tomorrow. I drove to my house and parked my car in my garage "good night Damon see you tomorrow" "good night Ashley and sweet dreams." When I opened my door I felt relieved another day alive and safe. I went upstairs got into my pajamas took off my makeup brushed my teeth and jumped into bed. I fell asleep dreaming about catching the people who killed my family wondering who these people are and with that I feel into a deep sleep.

(Hello people how did you like my first chapter I hope you had fun reading. Here is some more info on Ashley she doesn't love anyone so shes kinda coldhearted. I consider her a badass who breaks rules and will stop at nothing to find the people who killed her parents.And shes a really good agent considering shes only seventeen. Alright I'll add another chapter tomorrow I'm tired and its 3:00 AM here in Florida on a school night so goodnight all you beautiful people in the world.)


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