The Body Guard

Ashley was a normal girl until her parents were killed by an unknown agency. She was sent to live with her aunt who was a secret spy for the government. Her aunt trained her until the same agency killed her aunt. From having no family and no one to love she didn't care and trained her hardest to be (what she is now) the world greatest spy. So when she gets hired to guard the famous band One Direction will it be from the same agency that killed her family? And will she get her revenge or get killed trying?

(Alrighty my peoples I hope you love this story just as much as I will love writing it.)


4. Sorry

Sorry I haven't been updating I can't find my inspiration. But I'll try to update tonight and I might want a co-author anyone interested.


But to cheer up your mood I'll have a conversation with my main character Ashley


Ashley- Why have you not been updating and you put me in the hospital how dare you.

Me- Well sorry but you just need to lay down and get some rest so you can get out of the hospital.

Ashley- Fine but when I get out of here your toast.

Me- Ohhhhh I'm so scared NOTE: the sarcasm

Ashley- You should be, you are the one who made me into the best secret agent in the world I rock.

Me- Your right but I control you so hahahahahahaha.

Ashley- We'll see about that Mwuhahahahah (evil laugh)


Well there are you happy my own character is out to kill me boohoo.


Well there you have I'll update and leave some comments and favorite me please.

Comments give me inspiration so just leave one and it'll help me to write more.

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