The Body Guard

Ashley was a normal girl until her parents were killed by an unknown agency. She was sent to live with her aunt who was a secret spy for the government. Her aunt trained her until the same agency killed her aunt. From having no family and no one to love she didn't care and trained her hardest to be (what she is now) the world greatest spy. So when she gets hired to guard the famous band One Direction will it be from the same agency that killed her family? And will she get her revenge or get killed trying?

(Alrighty my peoples I hope you love this story just as much as I will love writing it.)


2. Meeting The Clients

My alarm clock woke me up at 9:00 so that leaves me with only an hour to get ready. I got up put on my work outfit which is a black leather suit that looks pretty darn good on me if I can say so myself. Then I put my light brown hair into a ponytail applied some light makeup and put on my black leather boots. I equipped myself with my favorite 9 millimeter pistol and went to the garage. Damon (my car) was already waiting for me and put into the GPS the airport they were landing at which was 15 minutes away. Once we got on the road I turned on the radio and my favorite song came on which is Whistle By Flo Rider.

I had been driving for about 10 minutes when out of the corner of my eye I see a man run by and steal a women's purse. So my first reaction was to pull over and chase after him. Once I caught up to him he grabbed a little girl a put a knife to her neck, now that's just low you sicko. So I pulled out my gun and pointed it right at him " put the girl down or I won't hesitate to blow your brains out." What I said must have startled him cause dropped the girl and when he did I tackled him to the ground. Everyone around me cheered then I picked up the girl and returned her to her family. I called the police on the guy and returned the purse "oh thank you so much" the women said "it was no problem" i smiled at her "well let me introduce myself I'm Danielle" She stuck out her hand for me to shake. " Well I'm Ashley it was nice meeting you" I said and walked back to my car.

When I finally got there I realized I was late whoops I had been looking around till I bumped into a guy who's name tag said 'Paul' good I finally found him. "Excuse me sir but I'm Ashley and I have been assigned to guard the band One Direction" he smiled shook my hand and pointed to a crowd of screaming girls. They must be over there I guess they really are popular considering the amount of girls over there. When I approached them I saw 5 good looking guys, but now is not the time for me to be drooling over some pop stars. I pushed through the crowd and when I got there the guys looked confused so I introduced myself. "Hello boys my name is Ashley and I will be your body guard while your here" the first one to Introduce themselves to me was a boy with his head shaved "I'm Liam." The next was a curly haired boy "I'm Harry" then a boy with dyed blond hair "I'm Niall" next was a a boy with a quiff "I'm Zayn" And lastly was a boy in stripes "I'm Louis."

Well now that I know their names we can get down to business. While I was explaining them that I will with them 24/7 to protect them a girl ran up and hugged Liam she looked so familiar.  Then she looked at me and gasped "oh your the girl who got my purse back and saved that little girls life I would just like to thank you again" she said as she hugged me. "Oh well it was no problem I'm glad I could help" all the boys looked at me with confusion on their faces. So I explained the whole thing and they looked pretty impressed. Well this will be fun so next I decided to go training and since I had to watch them I'll let them come along.

I had asked them if they knew a place that I could train and Danielle left so the boys all piled into my car. I told Damon the address and looked back to see the boys reaction to my talking car. Their faces were priceless once we arrived at the training hall I pulled out my gun and went to the shooting range.

The Boy's Pro

"Guys this girl is smoking hot" Harry of course said "she is but Paul said we can't hit on her and shes only here to protect us" Said Louis. "Well I won't hit on her I have my beautiful Danielle" Liam said with a grin plastered on his face. "Speaking of Danielle did you hear her say that Ashley saved a little girls life and got her purse back from a thief" Zayn said. "Ya she must be pretty good and I heard the agency that's trying to kill us killed her only family and that she want revenge on them" Harry said. "Well I hope She'll be able to protect us from them I mean shes only 17" Louis said. "We'll just have to trust in her skills mates" Niall said with a smile on his face.

Ashley's Pro

When I got done with my training I was beat but the boys had something else planned. They decided to have a paint ball fight haha they are so going down.

(Hello people I hope you enjoyed the chapter I'll update tomorrow. And once again its 3:30 AM I don't know why but I write better at night. So I'm tired and going to bed. GOOD NIGHT PEOPLES!!!!!

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