The Body Guard

Ashley was a normal girl until her parents were killed by an unknown agency. She was sent to live with her aunt who was a secret spy for the government. Her aunt trained her until the same agency killed her aunt. From having no family and no one to love she didn't care and trained her hardest to be (what she is now) the world greatest spy. So when she gets hired to guard the famous band One Direction will it be from the same agency that killed her family? And will she get her revenge or get killed trying?

(Alrighty my peoples I hope you love this story just as much as I will love writing it.)


5. Hospital Escape

When I woke up the light blinded me then the boys crowded around me the first one to speak up is Louis "Ashley are you okay you've been out for two days." Aww they were worried how sweet WAIT TWO DAYS " WHAT I was supposed to be protecting you did anything happen while I was out." Gosh now I'm just mad at myself this is my job but, here I am recovering. I mean sure I want to feel better and I don't want people worrying about me. But, with the life I have the last thing I'm worried about is my health you know. "We've been perfectly fine no need to worry" Louis says as I sigh with relief. Well I better get out of hospital gown and back into my working outfit. As I tried to get the boys just pushed me back down what? "What are you doing" I ask absolutely annoyed as hell. "The doctor said you had to stay here for a couple more weeks to recover" Liam says. O.k now I'm upset I hate hospitals and I hate just lying around doing nothing. But there is noway I'm staying in this hospital for a couple more weeks I have a job to do. "Okay whatever you say" I say with a hint of mischievous in my voice but I don't think they noticed. "Good now we have a concert to go to so you just stay here and we'll come back tonight to keep you company" Liam says. "Alright that's perfectly fine with me" I say trying to hide a smile. Once they leave a nurse comes in and takes my vitals then leaves. Alright so whats my plan let me think. I always go over board when entering or escaping places its a lot of fun. I quietly got out of bed and found my black leather suit and slipped it on. Grabbed my boots and weapons I had to take the I.V out of my arm which hurt but I didn't care. I closed the door and put a chair in front of it to keep it closed. Opened the ceiling duct and climbed in lightly shutting it behind me. As I got in I called up Damen my car and told him to wait out front for me. I just knew the word had spread about me being in the hospital and someone would plan something tonight and end up killing the boys. So I better find an exit and get there as quick as possible. Damn this duct has so many twists and turns I don't even know if I'm going the right way. Yep I'm just going with my gut right now hopefully it leads me the right way. I think I had found the exit when the intercom comes on announcing "Code Black A Patient Has Escaped Seal All Exits" oh shoot. They must have brought me to a mental hospital or something. But, lucky me I escaped just before the gate closed. And outside right on Que Damen pulled up and I hopped in and pulled up the address for the concert arena they were at now. Once I got it I started driving it was only 15 minutes away. Eventually I pulled up and hopped out letting Damen go park himself. I saw the security at the door and of course needed to find a new way in. I saw a ladder and climbed it to the roof once up there I looked around till I saw a small vent. I was just skinny enough to fit through it and once inside it lead me to a bigger system of vents. I could hear nothing but screaming girls boy that's annoying hate to be them right now. Then I heard voices and the screaming got louder the boys must have just walked onto the stage. I found an opening it lead to a kind of balcony right above  the stage. Perfect I can see everything from up here if anyone tries anything I'll see it. Wow this concert is taking forever and I think its about to end soon well I guess if no ones going to try anything it just means less work for me.I was about to climb down when I hear the distinct sound of a chamber being loaded. I look around till I spot man in a trench coat with a gun slightly showing out of it. I better get this guy so I pull out my pistol and twist on my silencer because the last thing I want to do is scare the crowd. I point it at him before I spot another man with a gun and then four more oh no. This could turn out badly.


Hey peoples I'm going to try to update more often and it would really encourage me more if you added some comments. So I might update tomorrow and that's it for now.See ya.

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