Never again

You are dating harry styles and you find out he has been cheating on you and you know that Zayn has always been there so you start having feeling for him and harry doesn't like it.


2. Why did you do it?

Harry why, why would you do this to me??? Leah please I just I … he said but I cut him off. What is it because you got bored of me after two freaking years is that it…???? No well umm yeah cuz i didnt want Zayn to have u thats why. He said yelling at me. Well then go run to Taylor and don't talk to me I really don't want to see your stupid ass face again k!!!!!!!! Maybe I will ok he said and don't worry I don't want to see you either I don't care what you do anymore!!!!! I ran to my room with tears in my eyes and Zayn caught up to me and we walked into my room and he shut the door behind him. He then hugged me and told me something I couldn't believe. He said Leah do u have feelings for me?? Cuz you know what I have had feelings for u ever since we meet. Of course i have feelings for u same ever since i met u. He then pressed his lips on mine and harry walked in and got really angry and punched the wall. I said what happened to u don't care what I do??? Plus harry we are over so I can do what ever I want to. He gave Zayn a dirty look then walked out. 

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