Never again

You are dating harry styles and you find out he has been cheating on you and you know that Zayn has always been there so you start having feeling for him and harry doesn't like it.


3. Falling head over heals... For my best guy friend

Zayn looked at me with hurt eyes and said Leah I am sorry messed everything up for u. I looked at him a put my hands on both sides of his face his cheeks were warm and I felt a tear fall from his gorgeous eyes I wiped it away and kissed him passionately. We got caught up in the kiss and he was hovering over me and i needed stop it from going any further so I said I am sorry Zayne I can't right now I am sorry. He smiled and said dont say sorry love it is ok I understand. He then kissed my forehead then pecked my lips. We cuddled for a while then I dozed off. I woke up to yelling. I was alone so I got up and ran downstairs and I saw harry punch Zayn I ran to them and before Zayn could punch Harry I stopped him. Harry looked at me and ran to his room I looked at Zayn and he had a busted lip so I took him to the bathroom to get him cleaned up. I wet a towel and dabbed his lip I got caught up and kissed his perfect lips and Liam walked In and looked straight at me. He asked why Harry was crying this caught me off guard I thought harry crying over what not me I can only imagine. Liam told me he knew what happened and he hugged me and told me to go and talk to harry. Something I dreaded, but if Daddy Direction tells u to do something u do it so I had to. 

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