My Fresh Start

McKenza Gray, a super smart 17 year old, dancer attends a new collage which happens to be the same one a couple other special boys also attend. McKenza was adopted into the Gray family when she was 11 after the tragic death of her parents. It seems impossible to forget their death scene because it haunts her dreams almost every night. She has lost all contact with everyone she is blood related to, until she finds her cousin, Riley, she falls for one of his best mate's, will this problem fade, or grow bigger? Read and find out!
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1. My New School


McKenza's P.O.V

I toss and turn in my bed uncomfortably from my dream until my eyes pop open, awaking me from my slumber. I look over to my right at my round silver alarm clock placed on my bedside table. Yep, I woke up a half an hour earlier than I was planning on. There is no use of trying to fall back asleep, I can't face that same dream again. Especially with the uncomfortable heat radiating from my body. I caress my forehead. Sweat falls down the sides of my face onto my pillow.  I groan with annoyance. I might as well go take a lukewarm shower to cool down and clean up for my first day of college! I sit up and look to my left at my little sister whom is laid in my bed facing the opposite way. Her blonde hair scattered on the pillow. She must have had a bad dream too. She usually crawls in bed with me on those nights. I get out of the bed and head to the shower. I start the water, peel my sleepwear off my damp, stressed body, and jump in. Washing my face, hair, etc. 


My name is McKenza Gray and I'm 16. I have insanely long dirty blonde hair, dull blue eyes with a gold-ish ring around my pupil. I was adopted into the Gray family when I was 11, for the death of my parents. Which very few people know about, well the, i'm there kid part. There death made national news. I barely recite the terrible memory, it only brings pain. Hence the bad dreams. The grays (Julie and John) have only one daughter, Sarah. Julie gave birth to her when I was 12. Obviously making her four years old with long, beautiful golden blonde hair, a glowing white smile and blue eyes. If Sarah were put into cartoon form she'd probably look just like Repunzel from Tangled when she was a little girl, except with blue eyes instead of green. Though, i call her Cinderella, not Repunzel. Julie and John hardly ever get angry. Julie is a therapist, and John works in the high end of the Apple Company, making us pretty wealthy. Today I am starting my first day at a college that I have never been before, I sent my application in late so I am starting second semester, with almost a full scholarship for dancing.   I am rather excited. Maybe I'll make new friends? I hope. Making new friends hasn't really been my thing after I turned about 9. I wish that it was still that easy. As they were when everyone was just kids. Where school was just fairy tales  and taking naps, where you could bond with another kid your age over a box of crayons. Where you judged everyone from the way they acted, instead of looks. Now you hardly get anywhere in life without being judged on your appearance.

*~*End of Explanation*~*

As I step out of the shower onto the pink plush rug, I lean and grab two  towels from under the sink. I wrap one around my body and I dry out my hair with the other. I then finish the job with the blow dryer. When it is completely dry I go and change into my outfit Julie bought for me especially for this day.   

To see what McKenza is wearing, click on this link, or copy & paste:

  I go back into the bathroom to get the rest of me ready. I grab a brush and push it through my long , thick hair, taking my bangs, which are the same length of the rest of my hair and braiding it back and down the side of my head. As I move on to my makeup, I put on a thin layer of light sparkly pink blush over my cheekbones.  I  then go for a light smokey eye shadow look. I grab an eye shadow that matches my shirt and lightly press it onto my eyelid. When I'm done, I grab a light brown eye shadow and apply it about a quarter of the outside of where the socket and lid meet, making the smokey effect. For the finishing touch I add a thin layer of mascara to my eyelashes and a glittery layer of light pink lip gloss to my lips. I leave the bathroom being pretty satisfied with my appearance. I give sleeping Sarah a light kiss on the forehead, sling my jet black backpack over my right shoulder and head out. As I get downstairs and into the kitchen to grab a snack, I see Julie cooking and John sitting at the counter, the newspaper in his left hand and his coffee in his right. I smile at them.

"Good Morning!" I chirp giving John a kiss on the side of his face.

"Morning Moo Bug." John welcomes me. I walk over to Julie and give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Morning Kenza." She smiles. "Do you have time to eat?" 

"I have about. . . Twelve minutes until I need to leave." I tell her as I glance at the big brass clock hung on the wall. Julie scoops together a plate of hash browns, bacon, eggs, along with a glass of orange juice. "Thank you." I say cheerfully.

"Your very welcome." Julie says back as she serves John the same plate to go. John takes it with him giving Julie a kiss on the lips and me a kiss on the forehead and he leaves. After I scarf about half my plate down, Sarah comes running through the door. 

"Mickie!" She whines climbing onto my lap.

"What Sar Bear?" I ask her and lightly brush her tangled hair out of her face.

"What choo doin' with your shoes on?" She asks. I smile.

"Going to school!" I announce like it is a bigger deal than it really is.

"When do I getta go to shool?" She asks in her scratchy morning voice.


"When your old enough," I answer. "Are you hungry?"  She nods her head immediately. "Good. You can finish my breakfast, I got to go." I say with a smile as I kiss her on the forehead and, stand up letting her replace my spot.

"Already? Are you sure you don't need a ride?" Julie asks rushing over to me.

"I'll be fine Julie, your already going to be late to your appointment, and you still need to take Sarah to daycare. Bye. Love you!" I sling my backpack over my shoulder again and head outside. 

"It least put on this jacket." Julie suggests. I do what I'm told. "Love you, bye hon." 

"Love you Sarah!" I say right before I close the door behind me.

"Wuv you mickey!" She yells after me. I walk two blocks then check my cellphone time, noticing the clock in the kitchen was fast. I'm going to be like 20 minutes early. Well I suppose that's okay because, I'll have time to change into my dance clothes. I see my reflection in my mobile and notice my bright red nose from the cold mornings bite nipping away at my exposed face. In about three more blocks I arrive at my school.

As I walk into the entrance I'm immediately overwhelmed by the faces of so many strangers waiting for the doors to open. Most of them are in groups just talking, laughing, etc. My thoughts get interrupted as a brunette bumps into me looking down at her phone.

"Sorry." She apologizes and looks up at me. Her hair is done in ringlets with dipped hair ends of purple. She has dark brown eyes. I smile.

"Your fine. Err, do you know where the dance studio is?" I ask her.

"Ya! I'm headed there now, I'll show you the way."  I follow her as she walks around the campus. "So, I have never seen you before, are you new this semester?" She asks, trying to spark a conversation. 

"Yah, I graduated high school early, and now I'm trying this College thing out for a while, heh." I say trying not to be awkward but failing.

"Oh so your a smart one, that's cool." 

"Haha ya, so whats your name?" 

"Veronica. You?" 

"McKenza.  But you can call me Kenza." I answer. She smiles.

"We have arrived." She announces with a bow. We both laugh and head in. Veronica shows me to the changing room and I change into my black spandex shorts with my shiny royal blue sports bra, tying my hair into a simple ponytail. Veronica walks with me out to the dance floor. She is wearing a white Lacey sports bra with white spandex. Her hair is tied up into a  ballerina bun, making a cool effect of purple. About 15 other girls are there stretching. Me and Veronica join them. When we are done stretching the dance instructor comes to the front of the class. She is a rather old lady I'd guess is in her 60s.

"Since it is the beginning of the semester, I thought you all would present what you have learned last semester from improvisational dance. So, you will be presenting to a group of people I found outside!" She shouts with a grand smile. A laugh comes from us girls and on cue a group of eight people come in, most of them are boys. Good thing I'm in back, maybe they won't notice me.

"Miss McKenzie Gray!" The instructor calls out. Everyone parts giving her visual perception of me. "Come Here Miss Gray, please." She asks with a smile bigger than the empire state building. I walk up to her feeling everyone's eyes on me. "This is McKenzie Gray, she is a new student this semester. McKenzie, I'm Mrs. Sage, your instructor." 

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Sage, I'm McKenza." I correct. She smiles.

"McKenZA. I like it! Very original! Now class, everyone clear to the walls, and McKenza will do some improvisational dance."  I feel my heart stop. "You do know what it is, right Miss Gray?" She asks.

"Pretty much like I, um, I make up a dance?" I stutter nervously. She laughs proudly.

"Pretty much, yes. In case your wondering, the only reason I am requiring you to go first is because there is no better way for a dancer to introduce herself than to, dance." She says richly. I walk to the center of the floor limply and wait for her to turn on the music. "I am expecting much from you Miss McKenza Gray." She says. I nod my head warily in response. She walks over to the stereo and looks through her reading glasses before speaking. "Have you ever heard the song 'Catch Me by Demi Lovato' Miss Gray?" 

"No." I answer weakly.

"Good." She says smiling, then starts the song. I feel my heart begin to race. I start to dance but I can tell I'm being amateur. Then out of nowhere I fall messily to the ground. 


Mrs. Sage's P.O.V

"Good." I say smiling then start the song. She is as stiff as a board starting the dance, eyes wide. Not reaching my expectations, reaching an amateur level. I place those notes on my review paper. Out of nowhere she collapses to the ground.  A few students motion towards her but I shoo them back to the wall urging her to go on as she picks herself up. She closes her eyes hiding everyone's faces, and proceeds at the chorus. That's when her real dancing begins. My mouths curves into a smug grin. I scribble out all my previous notes. She does some flawless pirouettes, arabesques, grande jetes, soutenus, and moves I I can't recall even witnessing before, With her eyes shut the whole time. By the end of the song I am almost in tears from the masterpiece I had just witnessed. 


McKenza's P.O.V

When the music ends I finally open my eyes and look at everyone. They all look at me in major shock. Either I did amazingly good, or I did horrifically bad. I shuffle my feet awkwardly towards Mrs. Sage through the silent room. She sends me a stern look.

"How did I do for my first time?" I ask her trying to remind her that it IS my first time. Maybe she will go easier on me.

"I expect more to come from you." She answers strictly. I nod my head and look at my feet. After that we all do more improvisation together, as a class. I can't help but feel Mrs. Sage's eyes on me the entire rehearsal. I hope she doesn't boot me out of this class, my parents will be so disappointed. After rehearsal a giant line forms in front of the changing room, leaving me in the back. By the time I get to the front, fix my hair down, change, and stuff my dance stuff in my back pack, I'm the only one left in the dance studio besides Mrs. Sage and one of the  boys who was watching us dance, his face looks familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it. They are chatting to each other.  I walk up to  Mrs.Sage and she turns to face me.

"Yes Miss Gray?"  I hesitate before answering.

"Do you know where Mrs. Watts English class is?" I ask reading it from my schedule. 

"Let's simplify this problem shall we? Riley, will you escort McKenza around to her classes this following week?" 

"Definitely." Riley answers immediately looking at me for the first time. He looks at me in disbelief. I smile wide.

"Riley!" I cheer as he swiftly picks me up spinning me in a circle, then placing me back on my feet.

"I take it you two know each other?" Asks Mrs. Sage.

"McKenza is my long lost cousin." Riley answers with a jokingly smile. "What happened to you? I thought you had died!"

"Julie and John Gray adopted me after the... accident." I say feeling slightly less happy recalling the memory. Riley hugs me again.

"I can't believe it's actually you." He whispers. "C'mon, i'll take you to your class."

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