What is you had a chance to start over in a new place, with new faces, and nothing to worry about. To have a clean slate with every body in town?

Allison Hampton gets this chance, but not in the way she'd like. She expects everything to be fine. She expects that no one will know who she is, or why she's there, or how she got there.
But that doesn't happen. Once Allison gets to Sliverstone Academy, this start happening. Bad things.....

Will Allison discover who she really is, and why she was sent to the Academy? Or willl she, and the school go down in flames?


3. Whats with these guys and smirking?

 "The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die

at any time."-Mark Twain


I finished unpacking, so I grabbed my Ipod and placed my ear buds in.  I turned it on and scrolled through my playlist, looking for Rihanna's "Whats my Name". I finally found it, and hit play. I smiled and softly sang along.  I laid back on the dark purple conforter, closed my eyes and listened to the words. I didn't even hear the knock on my door. I hadn't even noticed someone was standing there until I heard them singing along.  My eyes shot open, and saw... Jordan... was that his name?

I jumped up and tore the ear buds from my ears.

"How long have you been standing there?" I asked, shocked.

"For about three to five minutes. " he smirked at my nerousness. "Emily Mae told me to come and get you for lunch."

I nodded and shoved my Ipod in a drawer and turned back to follow Jordan.

"Whats down there?" I asked as we passed a door that I think leads to the cellar.

He took a breath and ran a hand through his hair. "That's the cellar. We aren't allowed in there. That's only for Henry.  The caretaker of this place. He rarely come up during the day."

   There was something off about that door. What was behind it? I understand if the guy likes his privacy, but why doesn't he come out at day? I shook it off, and followed Jordan to the dining area. Everyone was already sat at the table, and a free chair was left inbetween Nelly and Mason.  I took a seat and Emily Mae came in with a tray of sandwiches.


  "Left side is ham. Right side is turkey. "she said like she said this a million times. Everyone started reaching for food, and I followed.  I grabbed two turkey halves and an apple from the middle of the table.


  "So, Allison, what brings you to Silverstone?"Hailey asked.

"I got a scolarship.  Strange really.  I don't even remember applying to get one.  It just came in mail one day, and here I am." I replied.


 "Are your parents ok with you being away from home?" Mason asked as he took a huge, non-human, size bite.

 "My parents died when I was 11.  I've lived with my Uncle until I was 15, then with a friend until I got the scholarship"


"What happened?" Nelly asked,


 "I have no idea honestly.  It was a car crash.  But what I know, from what the cops told me, was that there was no evidence that it was anything with the brakes. The car was not tampered with at all.  But there was  a raven feather on each of their laps.  It was really strange." I said as I took a drink of the water that was in front of me.


 "You don't seem bothered to talk about them." Hailey said. Sympathy was in her eyes.

  "Why should I keep it bottled up inside? It's not healthy. Plus, it's in the past and there's nothing I can do about that. " I said.  They seemed a little shocked and impressed with my answer.


 'Wow.  Never thought if it like that." Hailey said.  I shrugged and continued to eat my lunch. Emily Mae said I started school tomorrow, and Mason offered to show me around to my classes.


Once the other's headed back to school, Emily Mae asked if I'd help her bring in some of the fire wood from out back.  I agreed and followed her out back.  We started grabbing wood, when a boy about two years older then me walked up.

"Need any help?"he offered. Emily Mae nodded, and the guy started picking up wood.

He had dark brown , almost black, hair, broad shoulders, and a nice tan(even if it was the middle of April). We locked eyes, and he smirked.  What is with the guys and smirking?


 We walked back into the house and set the wood in the fire place.

"Allison, this is Hunter, my nephew. He lives with me on campus. Hunter this is Allison, our newest boarder." Emily Mae introduced us.

"Hi." I said.  Is it bad that justhis looks made me feel jumpy?

"Nice to meet you." he said as he held out his hand.  I hesitated, but then placed me hand in his. He kissed the top of it, which earned a swat on the arm from Emily Mae. I blushed and pulled me hand away.


"I was coming over to say that Jason and I are going into town for a while. Don't know when I'll be back. I'll give you a call if it's past eight." Hunter said to Emily Mae.  She nodded.

"Don't get into any trouble because I'm not bailing you out." she smiled.  I chuckled at her response, and Hunter walked out.


 I told Emily Mae I was going upstairs and started making my way to my room. As I passed the cellar door, I heard something like chains rattleing.  A chill ran up my spine and I ran up to my room.

   I closed the door and locked it.  Thank god there was a lock on the door.  I heard a sound and I spun around.  The window was wide open.  It wasn't like that when I left. I walked over  and peered out the window.  A crow sat on a branch, parallel to my window.

"Stupid brid." I muttered as I shut the door.  I drew the curtains in and turned off the light.  I opened my laptop and sat on my bed.  I connected to the school's Wifi and logged into

I started writing a chapter of Lightweight.  I got that chapter done, and looked at the clock. 3:40p.m.. I sighed and decided to write until someone decided to see what I was doing.


Not even five minutes, someone knocked on my door.  I hoped up and unlocked it.  I opened the door, and Nelly walked in.

"Hey."I said.

"Hi.  "she said happily as she set her self in a bean bag chair that was in the corner."Whatcha doin?"


I glanced toward my laptop."Writing things."

"What kind of things?"

"Stories, mostly."

"About what?" wow this chick asked a lot of questions.

"Random things.  Nothing really interesting." I blew it off.

"Try me." She smiled.

I motioned for her to join me on the queen sized bed and she jumped onto it behind me, peering over my shoulder.  I let her read chapter one of Lightweight.  I saw her eyes widen as she read.

"This is amazing."she said once she read it all. "You said random things bullying isn't random. Everyone should read this. "

I shook my head and closed the computer. "I don't really like people reading what I write."

"How come? This is really good! "she asked.

"I don't know who people are going to react to it. And most of my books are kind of freaky. I've always had this strange feeling about death and super natural things. So most of my books are like that." I replied as I ran my fingers over the jewel decor on my laptop case.


She gave me the 'and?' look. I smiled and shook my head. "So, what do we do for fun around here?" I asked.

"We go into town a lot.  School.  The beach thats down the road.  We go into the woods behind the school a lot. Makes a pretty decent place to hang out." she walked around my room, looking at my picture.  Like she was getting to know my life.

"C'mon. A few of the guys and girls at school are going to hang out in the woods. Come with us. Emily Mae usually lets us go, and I know she'll let us go because your new!" she said once  she got the idea.


"I don't know....",I said, biting my lower lip in thought.

"Allison, you need to meet people. And I'm sure a lot of people are wondering who you are.  Most of them saw you when you walked to the office. You're not hard to miss." she motioned to my bright green cami, white shrugg, and animal print shorts. I smirked and gave in. She squealed happily and hugged me.



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