What is you had a chance to start over in a new place, with new faces, and nothing to worry about. To have a clean slate with every body in town?

Allison Hampton gets this chance, but not in the way she'd like. She expects everything to be fine. She expects that no one will know who she is, or why she's there, or how she got there.
But that doesn't happen. Once Allison gets to Sliverstone Academy, this start happening. Bad things.....

Will Allison discover who she really is, and why she was sent to the Academy? Or willl she, and the school go down in flames?


5. They always come back

 "Of Course life is bizarre,the more bizarre it gets, the more interesting it is. The only way to approach it is to make yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show."-David Gerrold


 I  opened up my laptop and opened the WordPad and started writing random story ideas as the raven crowed on. The noise never really bothered me. Maybe because i've heard it all my life. Every once and a while, It'd be at my window when I was little. I used to talk to it. That was, until my Aunt died. Then I learned that a raven was a death omen. Ever since, I always made them leave, but they always come back.No matter how hard I try, they always come back.....


Flash back:

 "Mommy, Look at the bird!"I said happily. I pointed my small hand over to the bird that came just  to my ankle. My mom picked up the five year old me and looked  down at the bird. She bent down, allowing the bird to hop onto her hand. She lifted the bird and I up, and let me pet it's feathers.

"You see that? he likes you!"my mom said as she set the bird back onto the ground. I giggled happily as she kissed my fore head and walked us back to her car. Once we were home,  I started to play with my toys as my mom and dad made dinner. My brother ran around the house acting like a super hero.  I giggled as he tripped, and started to cry. 

 "I heard a slight peaking at the window, catching my full attention. It wasn't the small bird that we saw earlier. It was big and pitch black. It cawwed, making me jump.

"MOMMY!"I yelled as I backed away from the window.It cawwed louder, and stepped closer to the window, trying to get in. My mom and dad both ran in and stopped when they saw the bird. Dad cursed and grabbed a broom to scare the bird off. I had tears streaming down my face. I had no clue what was going on. My mom picked me up, and sheilded me from the bird as dad tried to scare it away.

I looked up at her wiht frightened eyes, "What ws that? I don't like it."

She sighed and watched as my dad walked back in."A raven. Alli, promise me, you'll never let those birds scare you."

 "I promise Mama."

End of Flashback


  I flicked the raven the bird and shut my curtains. I sighed and figured it was bed time. I took one last look out of the window, saw the bird, then shut the curtain again. They haven't scared me since I was 5, but they were still a bad sign. A death omen.

  I climbed into bed, and shut off the lamo that sat on the night stand. The moonlight shined through the little space between the fabric that covered the windows, making a streak of light. A thousand thoughts of Mom,Dad,and James ran through my  minds as I started to drift off.  I miss you guys...



A blood curdling scream filled my room. I shot up in my bed, eyes wide, and fully awake.I knew I wasn't asleep. The screams continued and I jumped and peered out the window. The moonlight lite up the trees as much as it could, but it was still pitch black. My eyes franticlly looked around searching for the sorce of the screams, but as soon as they started, it stopped.  Just in the middle of a scream, it stopped. My eyes widened as I listened as the crickets started chirpping again. My breathing slowed and I backed away from the window. Please tell me I'm still asleep, because that scared the freaking hell out of me. 

  I managed to make my legs work, and moved back over to the bed. I cralwed under the conforter and  pulled it over my head. I took a deep, shaky breath and tried to fall back asleep, but I think that will happen.



"ALLISON! WAKE UP!"Emily Mae yelled as she pounded on the door. I groaned and yelled that I was up. I threw the covers up and sat up. I walked into the bathroom. I took a quick shower, then tried to cover the bags under my eyes.  I sighed. There was no point in trying to cover them. I slept horribly since what happened.  I slid on a white cami, then the red plaid skirt and white blouse. School uniforms. Luckily we didn't have to wear a tie. I grabbed my knee socks and slid the onto my freezing feet. I quickly did my hair in it's natural ponytail and added a ribbon around it. I added a minimal amount of makeup and grabbed my bag, then headed to the dining area.

"Morning Sunshine. Sleep well?"Mason asked as he handed me a glass of juice.

I laughe."Somewhat."

I took a seat, and startd filling my plate with eggs, hash browns, and bacon. I ate as the others talked and I tried to get my stomach to calm down.

"Nervous?"Nelly asked as she ate.

"Yeah. Way more nervous then I should be."I replied with a nervous laugh.

I saw almost everyone crack a smile. Emily Mae came in about ten minutes later and told us we should get to school.We all set our dishes in the sink, and grabbed our blazers and  started toward school. I kept messing with the end of my pony tail. Stupid nervous tick.

  I saw Jordan notice."Relax. You'll do fine. Everyone was already talking about you yesterday. even the cheerleaders want to know you. Your popular."

 Me? Popular? Some one pinch me, I mush be sleeping. I've never been popular. Everyone kept their distance, because of what happened. Well, I think they knew what happened. All I know is what the cops told me, and what other's have said. I honestly can't remember anything clearly from that night.... Oh well.

   "Yeah, everyone has been asking about you. But, we're lucky. We get you and they don't."Hailey smiled. We walked into the main building, past the head master's office, and walked toward French.

Nelly pulled me into a seat with her, making Hailey sit behind us. I took a look around the class, getting to know faces.Everyone chatted amongst themselves, I'm guessing they were in the same house. 

  The teacher, who Nelly said was Mr. Henley, walked in and saw his case on his desk. He took a seat and looked up,locking eyes with me. He nodded and turned toward the white board.

"What was that about?"I whispered to Nelly. She shrugged.

"I have no idea."



As the day went on, I met all of our teachers, and other students. Emily Mae made us lunch, like yesterday, then we resumed our classes. By the end of the school day, I had so much home work.  I dragged my bag up the stairs into my room, and feel onto my bed. I let out a heavy sigh and closed my eyes. I heard a chuckle come from the doorway. I opened my eyes and glanced up.

"Hey."he said.

"Hey Hunter."I said, feeling my cheeks heat up.

I motioned him to come in, and he took a seat at the desk. For a moment, we just looked at eachother in comfortable silence. I let out a random laugh. He gave me a 'WTF' look, which made me laugh more.

"What?"he was laughing now.

"I have no flipping clue. "I said honestly.I sat up, and moved so my back was against the head board."So why exactly are you in here?"

He shrugged."I got bored.And I wanted to make sure you were ok. From last night.I had a really bad feeling about last night."


I nodded."Yeah. I'm ok. Did you hear a scream last night?"I asked quietly.

I watched as he stopped, and his face turned into a slight scowl.

"What scream?"he asked.

"It was about midnight last night.I had no clue if I was dreaming or not, but It felt very real. And as soon as it started, it stopped."I replied, not meeting his stare.


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