What is you had a chance to start over in a new place, with new faces, and nothing to worry about. To have a clean slate with every body in town?

Allison Hampton gets this chance, but not in the way she'd like. She expects everything to be fine. She expects that no one will know who she is, or why she's there, or how she got there.
But that doesn't happen. Once Allison gets to Sliverstone Academy, this start happening. Bad things.....

Will Allison discover who she really is, and why she was sent to the Academy? Or willl she, and the school go down in flames?


2. That eerie feeling

   "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. "-Edgar Allen Poe


 I stepped out of the head master's office, and over to the secretary, who was holding another manila folder, waiting for me. She smiled and handed me the folder. "Here you go Allison. I hope your stay here is pleasant."


I nodded and said thank you, and walked out.  I adjusted my bag that was on my shoulder, and opened the folder.  I picked the first piece of paper up, and scanned over the words, looking for where I would be staying.  As I read through,  I found out everything I needed to know. I was in  Jamestein House.  The farthest from the head master's quarters. I sighed, and started toward the house.


 Teens passed me, carrying their books and bags, back to their quarters.  I followed some of them back to Jamestein House, and stopped at the door.

I knocked, and soon a middle aged woman opened the door.

She smiled."You musy be Allison. Please, come in."

"I'm Emily Mae. The house mother here in Jamestein house. We are very pleased that you will be staying here with us.  It is the nicest house."


"HI, I'm Allison Hampton, but you probably knew that already."I said nervously.

    We heard a pot hit the floor in another room, and arguing.

Emily Mae sighed, and looked at me. She shook her head and called the others into the main room. Two girls  came from upstairs, and two guys came from down the hall. They all slowed down when they saw me. Immediately, I wrapped my arms around my waist and looked down. I looked up, and took a breath in.


"This is Allison Hampton. She's the new boarder here. I hope you all make her feel welcome." Emily Mae said as she looked at the teens.  They nodded, and Emily Mae  told them to give introductions, which I could have done with out for a little bit.


"Hi, I'm Nelly."

Nelly had dark brown hair that came to about her lower back. She had icy blue eyes and light pink cheeks. She was really pretty.

"I'm Mason."

He had shaggy light brown hair, kind of like Liam Payne's when he was on the X Factor. His eyes matched Liam's as well. So, let's say he looks like Liam Payne.

"Jordan."another guy said

He had spiky black hair, sort of in a quiff. He had grey eyes and a bad boy vibe.  He wasn't that bad looking. I smirked as I eyes him. I guess he noticed, because he smirked and winked.

"And lastly, I'm Hailey. Nelly's sister."the last girl said.

She had the same dark brown hair as Nelly, but her's was a little below her shoulders and pulled back into a braid.


"Allison, you will be having a room to yourself for the time being."Emily Mae said as she looked towards the stairs. "Nelly, can you please show Allison to her room? Then we can have lunch."

   Nelly nodded and motioned for me to follow her.  As we climbed the stairs, I felt a pair of eyes watching.  I brushed it off and kept walking.

 "Here we are. This is your room." she smiled as she opened the door.

 "Thanks." I said as I stepped in.

 "I see your bags have came, so I'll leave you to unpack."

  "Thanks Nelly." I smiled. She smiled and left.  I unzipped my bag, and pulled out the picture frame.  I sighed and ran my fingers along the frame.  It was a picture of my and my family before everything happened. I was about 10.  Six years ago. We were really happy. Then everything went wrong.

      I set the picture on the dresser and unpacked my clothes.  I pulled out my jewlery box, and opened the lid. I pulled out my amethyst necklace that I got from my grandma when I was 9, right before she died.

 I clutched the stone, and closed my eyes. Sometimes when I held the gemstone, I could feel her.  Not like physically feel her, but I could feel her spirit. Weird.....But you grow to deal with that eerie feeling.




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