What is you had a chance to start over in a new place, with new faces, and nothing to worry about. To have a clean slate with every body in town?

Allison Hampton gets this chance, but not in the way she'd like. She expects everything to be fine. She expects that no one will know who she is, or why she's there, or how she got there.
But that doesn't happen. Once Allison gets to Sliverstone Academy, this start happening. Bad things.....

Will Allison discover who she really is, and why she was sent to the Academy? Or willl she, and the school go down in flames?


6. Salem Witch Trials

 "Heaven and hell suppose two distinct species of men, the good and the bad. But  the greatest part of mankind float betwixt vice and virtue"-David Hume


 I watched as Hunter mumbled to him self then walk out the door, almost running into Nelly.She gave me a look and walked in.

 "What was that about?"she asked.

I shrugged,"I don't know. He was fine a minute ago."

She looked back towards the door, probably expecting Hunter to show us again. When he didn't appear, she took a seat.She turned toward me, and a giant smile spread across her face.

"What was Mr.Hottie doing in here?"She asked with curious eyes.

I laughed and laid back on my bed.


"I don't really know. He came in, sat down, we looked at eachother, just enjoying the silence, we talked then that. "I motioned to the door. She mouthed 'wow' and pulled her legs up to her chest.

 I decided I should get started on the homework, and got off my bed. I grabbed my bag that I had pushed off the bed, and climbed back on.

I sighed and unzipped my bag.


 I pulled out my French,Geometry,Advanced Chemestry, and World History books.I whimpered at the weight and looked up at Nelly, who was flipping through my photo album.

"Who's this?"she asked as she looked up. I got up, and peered over her shoulder.It was a picture of when I was about five. We were at the beach. My mom was holding my brother, and my dad was holding me. I smiled at the memory. I could feel the water splashing against my skin. I could hear my brother laughing. I could picture the other kids and their parents around us. Happy times.


"Thats my mom, dad and brother when I was five. When we were happy. Things kind of went down hill after I was 10."I shrugged.

"How come?"she asked.

   "Things just didn't work out for me and my family. No big deal.  It's in the past and there's nothing I can do about that. Just have to deal with the present and everything thats here."I replied.

 I opened my chemestry book, and started going through the work.


"Why did it go down hill. If you don't mind me asking."she asked anyways.

I sighed. "Things jsut didn't work. Hey, Nel, can I ask you something?"

She nodded and came to sit on the bed wiht me, avoiding all of the books.


 I sighed, "Have you ever felt like there was more to you than meets the eye? Like....things happening that you can't explain. Like random things catching on fire. Things falling off of tables when there was no one in the room." I looked her dead in the eye, "Like you had powers that you could never explain?"


Her eyes got wide, and her normally colored face was pale. Her breathing had gone shallow.

"Um... I-I jsut remembered Emily Mae needed help with something. I'll see you at dinner."she said quickly as she left my room, slamming the door behind her.

I listened and felt the vibrations of feet running down the stairs. Why was that one simple, well not really simple, question so....... that?



 As the night went on and dinner got closer, Nelly never came back in. I set my English book on the desk and started down the stairs. I could hear frantic whispers coming from  the kitchen. I crept toward the door, and leaned against the wall.

"She asked about it. Thanks a lot Hunter!"It was Nelly.

"What was I supposed to do? Let her get hurt her first day here? You know what happened to Hannah last night! "I could hear the scowl and frustation in Hunter's voice.

So, they do know something.....

 "Enough!" Dean Silverstone. Craptastic!

 It got really quiet.

"She needs to know. She is one of us. Hunter did well by keeping her safe.  I want this entire house to speak with her tonight after supper. Understood?"he asked.


I heard footsteps coming toward the door, so I mad a run for the stairs and toward my room. I jumped on my bed, acting like I was studying, when Nelly came in not even 10 seconds later.

 "Hey."I said casually.


I nodded and sat my book down. She didn't say a word, and walked down the hall with me at her heels. We were the firest ones at the table, and we took our seats in awkward silence. Everyone slowly made their way in and took a seat. Mason helped Emily Mae get the dinner. The first half of dinner was silent. I swear, you could hear a pin drop.  I knew something us going to happen. Well, Dean SIlverstone did say to tell me something.  But it was true. I never did feel like I fit in anywhere. Yeah, this place is creepy, but at least there feels like theres something more for me here.

After dinner,  walked in to the common room, which was basically an entertain ment room. Flatscreen TVs, game systems. All the works.  I slid off my shoes and curlled up in the corner  or the couch. One by one all the boarders of Jamestein house came in and sat down in front of me.


 "Look, Allison. There's something you need to know about us, about you."Nelly said.

 "Who wants to tell her? I don't think I can handle it."she whispered.


They all looked at eachother then, Jordan and Hunter sighed.

"I'll tell her."Hunter spoke up. Nelly nodded and he looked at me with his gorgeous dark brown eyes.

 "Allison, have you ever heard of the Fyren?"

I nodded. I have. When I was little, my grandma would tell me stories about them. The Fyren had the power to control the flames. They could create fire, hence the name Fyren. She also told me storied about the Aquates.  They use water the same way  Fyrens use fire.


"Have you heard of Aquates, Clayters, or  Airmytes?"he continued.

"Only the Aquates and the Fyren. My grandma told me stories about them when i was little before everything happened. Some of then scared me, but others I thought were fascinating. MOstly the Fyren."I replied. He nodded and continued.


"Between Febuary 1692 and May 1693, there were trials,"

"The Salem Witch Trials? "he nodded.

"Back then, people were accused of using witchcraft in Massacusets.In 1962, 19 'witches' were hanged. Over  150 people were arrested and imprisoned. And 5 of those accused were our great-great-great-great-great-great Grandfathers.  Nelly and Hailey's grandfather, Jacob Michaelson. Jordan"s grandfather, Nathan Davids. Mason's grandfather, Henry O'Donnell. My grandfather, Winston Frey, And Yours, Frederick Daniels. They were all accused of witchcraft.Any questions so far?"he paused. I shook my head and he continued.

 " Well, they were torn from their families, and thrown in prison.  It was about the middle of October, and those five broke out. They escaped, but they had a secret to hide. They really were witches. Well, a kind of witch. There were Clayters,Aquates,Airmytes, and Fyrens. But there was one of them, whose power was much greater than the others. And that was Frederick Daniels. He was the Savior, as you could put it. He saved our ancestors. What was special about him, is that he possessed all of the powers. He possessed Fyren,Aquates,Airmytes,and Clayters. He was exraodinary. Like you.  We all possess our power like our grandfathers. Nelly and Hailey are Aquates. Mason is a Clayter. Jordan is a Airmyte. and I'm a Fyren. And you, Allison, are a Savior. You have all the powers."

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