What is you had a chance to start over in a new place, with new faces, and nothing to worry about. To have a clean slate with every body in town?

Allison Hampton gets this chance, but not in the way she'd like. She expects everything to be fine. She expects that no one will know who she is, or why she's there, or how she got there.
But that doesn't happen. Once Allison gets to Sliverstone Academy, this start happening. Bad things.....

Will Allison discover who she really is, and why she was sent to the Academy? Or willl she, and the school go down in flames?


4. If only life was as clear as the stars

 "Go to Heaven for the climate,Hell for the company."-Mark Twain


"Emily Mae, some of the guys are going back into  the woods for a while. Can we go?"Nelly asked.

"How long are you staying for?"she asked as she cleaned the kitchen.

"An hour of so. I want them to meet Allison." she replied as she wrapped her arms around my shoulder and gave her best puppy dog eyes.

"Are the others going?"

"They should be."she nodded.

Then, Emily Mae turned to me. "Are you sure you want to go?"

I nodded, then  looked at Nelly.  She smiled  and nodded.

"You can go."Emily Mae smiled.  Nelly squealed and jumped around.  I gave Emily Mae a look, and she nodded.  She knew what I meant.  Nelly is very hyper.  She pulled me back upstairs, and went straight to my room.  She took to my dresser and started going through my clothes.   She threw me a pair of skinny jeans, a bright blue cami, a leather jacket, and my boots.

"Change."she said.


"Why?"I asked as I eyed the clothes, once all neat and folded, that were all across my bed.

"It gets chilly."She cocked her head to the side.  Even though this girl was hyper, there was something off about her. Nelly left me to change, and in about five minutes she came back in with a brush, and some elastic hair bands on her wrist.Great......




 After Nelly finished my hair, which I was against, we walked down the stairs where Hailey,Mason,and Jordan were waiting.

"Finally! You took forever!"Hailey yelled.

"What? She needed to took good."Nelly defended.

Mason looked at my clothing, then looked at Jordan's."Did you two plan to math or something?"


I looked at Jordan, who was wearing a leather jacket, blue tee shirt, and a pair of black boots. 

"Nice style."he smirked.Again with the smirking!

"You too."I replied.

"UGH! Can we go please? Andrew's gonna be there!"Hailey whined.

We nodded and she happily skipped out the door. I laughed at her excitment and followed the others.  I kept catching Jordan looking at me, which always made him look down and smile.  We walked deep into the woods, and soon torch light lite up our path.

Hailey quickly walked ahead of us to see Andrew, who Nelly explained was her boyfreind, leaving us behind. We walked into the middle of the crowd as the music blared.  There were a lot of people here.  More than I expected.  I closed my eyes for a second and took a breath.   I never did well in a crowd.

   I opened my eyes and Jordan was there with a drink in his hand. I eyed the drink.

"C'mon. I don't bite. And it's jsut soda."He said.

"Thanks."I took the drink, and downed half of it.

"You ok? You look a little pale."he asked.  Concern laced his voice.

"I'm ok. I just hate crowds."I admitted.

He nodded over to a less crowed area."Come on. It's less crowded." He took my hand and lead me over to a small group of people, including Nelly,Mason,and Hailey.

"Hey."Jordan said as he sat down, and motioned for me to follow. I sat next to him, and tried to pick up on the conversation.


"I swear, I hear something the other night." the guy sitting next to Hailey said. I think that was Andrew.


 "Drew, we were all here. We would have heard it too."Nelly said. Mason and Jordan agreed.

"What did you hear?"I asked. Everyone looked a little started, like they didn't even know I was here.

"Who are you?"Andrew asked.

"I'm Allison. Newest boarder at Jamestein house.  What did you hear the other night out here?"I replied as I took another drink.


"Andrew think's he heard someone scream. Like a death scream. But we didn't hear anything, and we were all hear that night.I'm sure at least one of us would have heard it."Hailey responded. Andrew sent her a slight glare, but then pulled her closer and kissed her cheek, making her giggle.


"So, what brings you to Sliverstone Academy, Allison?"A girl who was sitting by Nelly asked.

"I got a scholar ship. I think my preants must have applied for me or something.I really have no idea why I'm here actually."I shrugged, maked a few of them chuckle.


"Well, I say get out while you can. This place is creepy as hell."Andrew smiled and took a drink. I chuckled and  watched everyone else.


It was about an hour os so later when I decided to leave. I have never been much of  a party person.  Just never really fit in well with the others. I sipped up my jacket and shoved my hands in my pockets, then started walking back. I hummed softly to myself as I stared at the stars, hoping not to trip and fall falt on my face. I named each  of the constellations that I knew:Orion,Gemini,Canis,Ursa Major and Minor.  I saw the lights of the house, and knew I was close. I really needed to get to sleep. 

 I heard a branch snap from behind me, making my muscles tense. I was paralyzed to that spot.

"Allison?"a male voice asked, laced with confusion. I slwoly turned, and could barely make out Hunter's dark  hair and his stunning grey eyes.

"Hunter, It's only you.,"I said as my muscles relaxed.

"Yeah, it's only me. You do know these woods aren't safe at this time of night."I saw the amusement  in his eyes.

"Are they? I haven't noticed the creepy mood this place sets off." I half smiled.He chuckled and ran a hand through his hair.God, he was perfect.

"I thought you'd be out in town most of the night with your freinds. It's not even.."I looked at my phone, "8:00 yet."


He shrugged, "Felt like coming home. Something just didn't feel right. It still doesn't feel right."  I watched as his eyes scanned the woods around us.

"C'mon. Something bad is going to happen if we stay out here any longer."he said as his eyes turned cold.

"What about the others back there?"I asked as he took my hand at started walking.

"They'll be fine."he mumbled.He pulled me along, faster and faster, until we were in the main hall of Jamestein House.

   "What's going to happen?"I asked quietly once he calmed some.

"Nothing. It's nothing. Jsut stay inside."he made me promise.The, he was gone. Just like that. I'm guessing Emily Mae heard the door shut, and she came out with a glass in her hand. She must have been doing dishes.

"Oh, Allison. I thought you'd be out later. Whata re you doing back so early?"she asked.

"I decided to come back. Wasn't really in the party mood."I replied. She nodded, went back into the kitchen, and came back with a few cookies. She wished me a good night and I walked up to my room. I stripped out of my clothes and walked into the bathroom. Yeah, this place was big enough for us to have our own bathrooms. I turned on the hot water and adjusted it to the right temperature.  I stepped into the shower and sighed in pleasure as the hot water ran down my tense shoulders. 

  Once I was clean, I wrapped a towel around my damp body and walked into my room to get a pair of pajamas. II slid on the cotton pants and a cami and went over to the desk. I sat down and pulled me knees to my chest. I clutched the amethyst pendant and stared out the window. I heard a crow from a bird and what a suprise.... another raven. 




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