My one and only <3

Jade May Styles sister of Harry Styles!! Lives like a princess has nice clothes has alot of friends? Nope Jade is different she lives in an alley with her mom she's call a bitch because she's related to Harry Styles. Is it her fault? Why does she deserve this? She's never talked since Harry left for the XFactor. Her mom abuses her and her moms boyfriend rapes her but no one knows. Why? She's scared. She has no one? What happens when Harry sees Jade walking and stealing? Will he find out the truth? Or will she lie to the end? What happens when she meets a dirty blonde Irish boy? Will she fall in love or keep it locked inside of her? Read and find out more!


1. Jade May Styles

Hi :) I'm Jade May Styles!
I'm Harry styles twin sister but I'm different I have black hair with blue eyes but they change when I get mad or upset or any emotion. Yup I don't Have a good life I get abused by my mom and her boyfriend raped me :/ I don't have a good life since Harry left for the XFactor. I'm scared I cut because it takes my pain I don't eat as much as I used to I'm not the fun cheeky weird me anymore I've changed I don't have any friends that I can trust because they just use me to get close to Harry or the band. Yet I'm still I the world? I've tried to commit suicide. I even failed on that!
Well my favorite color is blues
I'm 18 years old
I have blue eyes
Never had a boyfriend
Don't Believe in true love
Love? Never will happen.
Alone. Worthless. Nobody. Waste. Garbage. Loser.
That's me.
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