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Jade May Styles sister of Harry Styles!! Lives like a princess has nice clothes has alot of friends? Nope Jade is different she lives in an alley with her mom she's call a bitch because she's related to Harry Styles. Is it her fault? Why does she deserve this? She's never talked since Harry left for the XFactor. Her mom abuses her and her moms boyfriend rapes her but no one knows. Why? She's scared. She has no one? What happens when Harry sees Jade walking and stealing? Will he find out the truth? Or will she lie to the end? What happens when she meets a dirty blonde Irish boy? Will she fall in love or keep it locked inside of her? Read and find out more!


3. chapter two- Finding My Brother




  I had just awoken from my deep sleep and i had a sharp pain in my head damn hangover. Wait i slept here the whole day yesterday! Oh well i bet my mom wont care. 


I quickly get up and again grab some whiskey. I drink half a bottle. I then decided to go look through the city. I haven't been to the  city. I wondered around until I got tired so I found a corner to lay down. When I woke up I found some cigarettes in my pocket. I also found a lighter in my back pocket so I lit it up and smoked my cigarette and well out of the blue I decided to name it also. I named Charlie. Then I got up and walked around until I found a cafe near by. I decided to go in well I was hungry and I do love food even if I don't eat alot well its because I know I'm fat.


While walking inside I bumped into someone. Someone I never thought I would ever see again. Harry.

Without thinking I got up and hugged him. One thing I forgot was that I had just smoked and I smelled like I just did.


At first he didn't remember me. He then relaxed guessing it must have been a fan. After we pulled away he looked at me. Confussion was written all over his face. 

"You don't remeber me? Do you?"

*Harry's Pov*


I was walking around town. Man how much I missed this, just that  I don't know where my mom nor my sister live. Sad? Yup it is. While I was walking I decided to go to a cafe around the corner. When I was coming out Ibumped into someone. She got up and looked at me. I couldn't remember who she was. While I was thinking I was taken back from her getting up and hugging me. After she let go she asked/said, "You don't remember me? Do you?"

I told her, "I don't know you look famailer. Are you a fan?"

"Harry you don't remember me do u?"

"No." I said.


*Jade's Pov*

I asked, "You don't remember me? Do you."

Harry said, "I don't know you look familer. You a fan?"

Really? He really thought  I was a fan!

"Harry, I'm Jade, your twin sister," I said.

His whole face turned from comfussion to hapopiness and realif.

"Jade!" he screamed and hugged me so tight I swaer my life flashed before my eyes.

"Where have you been? How's mom?" Harry Blew me up with these quoestions.

"Harry before I tell you. You have to know the truth. But not here. Somewhere private." I told him

"My flat." he said automacticlly.

"Let's go." I said back.



Good so far?

Sorry haven't updated got my ipod taken away so I did it on my laptop! <3 love u guys <3

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