My one and only <3

Jade May Styles sister of Harry Styles!! Lives like a princess has nice clothes has alot of friends? Nope Jade is different she lives in an alley with her mom she's call a bitch because she's related to Harry Styles. Is it her fault? Why does she deserve this? She's never talked since Harry left for the XFactor. Her mom abuses her and her moms boyfriend rapes her but no one knows. Why? She's scared. She has no one? What happens when Harry sees Jade walking and stealing? Will he find out the truth? Or will she lie to the end? What happens when she meets a dirty blonde Irish boy? Will she fall in love or keep it locked inside of her? Read and find out more!


2. Chapter one-My Life

*Jade's POV*

"Shut up you worthless slut!" My mother screamed at me. Well me being the bitch I am screamed at her "I'm not a worthless slut I'm not like my own mother who fucks every man she sees!!" I said. All I felt was a sting in my check. She slapped me twice and punched me in the gut. "I hate you! You are one big son of a bitch!" I told her and ram out of the house. I didn't wanna see her I didn't wanna know what she thought of me. The only way I got the pain and crap off me was by drinking and smoking weed. Yup I smoke weed. I don't do it because I like it but it takes me to another place somewhere where I feel me. The beatings hurt less when I'm drunk I have a fucked up life I know that but I can't take it anymore one day I will go to far. I got to my place near the alley where I keep all my bottles, blade,and weed. I grab the weed first and smoke it. Oh hell does it feel good to smoke again. I open a new whiskey bottle and drink a quarter of it. And last but not least I grab my only friend. BLADE. The only best friend I have. The only thing that helps me. Takes my pain. BLADE. I hold it to my right wrist. Yeah I'm a lefty. And slide three new cuts. I let the blood drip for a while until I clean it up. I smoke more of my weed. It feels so right I feel free I can't take the pain without my friends.
My only friends
My three best friends. They take my pain away I love them yet I feel like it's wrong but I can take it. I love it. No one can judge me. I'm known as the bitch who should die. I'm not as weak as you think I fought my own battles. Anything that try's to break me and my 3 best friend dies.
Yeah I'm scared. But I'm not scared to get in a fight or two. I'm scared to lose my best friends.
While thinking about my life I slowly drift into a deep sleep while holding my weed.
I was also planning in buying a pipe I need one but I don't use anymore money I'd just have to steal some from Dave. My step dad. The rapeist. I needed it.
I'm not scared of him anymore I used to but what's the point he's always going to rape me. Always will. I need my savior. I need my guardian angel. I need him now.
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