The Perfect Life

18 year old Katie is sister to one of the members to the biggest boy band in the world. One directions, Harry Styles
Her world is filled with screaming girls and obsessive fans. Although she is a fan her self, she has fallen deeply in love with one of the other members...who is it though?
Read to find out about her perfect life in the spotlight.


5. The kinda morning after

I was awakened by my need for a glass of water.
I went downstairs to the kitchen, where Harry startled me out of nowhere. "Jesus Harry" I whispered. He giggled and rustled my hair.
"Ew your hair is swe..ew , oh yeah, I know why" he said flailing his hand around.
All of a sudden Louis appeared downstairs and looked at me
" have fun?" He laughed pouring himself some water. It was still pitch black outside.
"My god..." I whispered not wanting to respond.
"If it makes you feel better, Niall's going at it right now" he laughed cocking his head towards the stairs. We all went silent and tried to hear.
We heard the banging on the wall coming from Niall's room.
We all laughed.
Then Liam skipped down the stairs with he duvet from our room happily wrapped sound his waist.
I hen realized I was still in my bra and just wearing Liam's boxer shorts. I tried to ignore it.
"Hello lover" Liam joked as he grabbed my waist,
Twirled me around, and went in for a kiss.
"Charming mate" whispered Louis.
"At least I'm doing it!" Mumbled Liam. I playfully punched him in the stomach. "Ha ha.." Louis sarcastically laughed."I'm off back to bed" he announced and left the room.
Then a very sweaty Niall emerged from upstairs.
He had smacked a huge smile on his face and was half naked only wearing a blanket.
"" He exhaled. Me and Liam laughed and headed back upstairs.
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