The Perfect Life

18 year old Katie is sister to one of the members to the biggest boy band in the world. One directions, Harry Styles
Her world is filled with screaming girls and obsessive fans. Although she is a fan her self, she has fallen deeply in love with one of the other members...who is it though?
Read to find out about her perfect life in the spotlight.


2. The Day begins

"Oh my god Liam, these pancakes are so good!" I mumbled with a mouth full of pancake. "Secret recipe" he said smirking and pouring me more orange juice. " The boys are expecting us downtown for the signing in an hour, so we better get ready soon" Liam announced to me. They had left earlier to go shopping apparently and had a fan signing in an hour at the same mall.
Those times where they have to do there celebrity business,
I just spend my time shopping with Eleanor or Perrie. I popped up the stairs , thanking Liam for the breakfast and pushed open the door to Harry's bedroom. (Where I sleep) I pushed open the door to my very own walk in closet ad embraced the hundreds of clothes on hangers I had. Today I had chosen to wear Harry's over sized Jack Wills sweatshirt and my leggings and uggs. It was cold outside, so I stole one of Niall's beanies in the next room. I can downstairs where Liam was waiting for me in his grey v neck and jeans. He looked cute as always. "We're taking Louis Lamborghini" Liam laughed, knowing that Louis will be pissed that Liam is driving it. We bolted out to the garage and headed for Selfridges

-At Selfridges-

Me and Liam had to be escorted by security into the mall cause of all the crazy fans. The minute I walked in, my ears exploded. Once they saw Liam the girls screamed so loud I went dead for a second. We were then escorted in to a back room where all te boys were geared up for the screaming. "How the hell do you cope with that?" I joked as the boys all greeted me.
"Helloooo" yelled Harry picking me up and hugging me so tight. He had the best hugs. " nice swear top" he joked. " in tired and it's winter" I joked back. "Piss off" he said walking away.
"Sorry Niall, I took your was the first hat I found" I apologize to Niall adjusting my hat.
"It's okay love" he said smiling at me.
Paul then walked in. "Lez go boys" he gestered to them. "Good luck with the screaming girls!" I yelled at them as they left the back room.
My best friend Alyssa then entered the back room. (She is my best friend from 8th grade who is currently dating Niall).
"Hello stranger!" She yelled across the room going in for a
Hug. "Did you say bye to Niall before he went out there?" I said.
"Yup, a quick makeout session in front of the boys" she smirked. "Classy Lyss" I laughed.

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