The Perfect Life

18 year old Katie is sister to one of the members to the biggest boy band in the world. One directions, Harry Styles
Her world is filled with screaming girls and obsessive fans. Although she is a fan her self, she has fallen deeply in love with one of the other members...who is it though?
Read to find out about her perfect life in the spotlight.


6. Morning

I woke up cuddled next to Liam again wearing no underwear. I climbed on top of him and ran my body up against his. I again rubbed my hands up and down his abs. He let out a moan and opened his eyes. "Goodmorning sunshine" I mumbled kissing his nose. Then Harry bursts in. "What the hell, man get out!" Liam yelled covering himself up. Harry was on the floor laughing, "haha sorry, it's just we have to leave in a half hour to go to the meet and greet at the O2. "Yeah thanks man, bye!" He yelled.
Niall passed by right before Harry closed the door. "You and me both." He laughed. "Get the hell out Niall.." Liam said trying to not yell.
I collapsed back on top of him and he squeezed my bare butt.
"I wish I could stay in this bed all day with you babe." Liam smiled at me and got up and left into the walk in closet. I watched his naked body fade away.
I slipped on his boxers and went downstairs.
Alyssa was siting on the sofa snuggled up next to Niall in HIS boxers and his white tshirt, and was feeding him and herself cereal.
I slumped onto the couch next to Zayn.
Moments later Liam came down and sat next to me, reeking of delicious colone and was wearing his grey baseball tshirt and black jeans.
I grabbed his cute face and pressed his lips hard up against mine. He licked him lips. I love it when he licks his lips after our makeouts.
"Get a room!" Yelled Louis. "We did last night smart ass!" I yelled back at him. He chuckled and te boys joined in.
"Niall, your the one to be bedroom is right next yours Mr ugh oh yeah, moany" Niall went red with embarrassment.
Liam was so cute and soft, and I was so glad that we are together. I could t wait until be came home tonight.
"We'll boys, time to go make some teenage girls scream!" Yelled Harry.
The boys all gathered at the door, me and Lyssa's watching them. "Bye babe!"Liam yelled at me. "Love you!" I yelled back. I kissed him and watched him departure. "Bye sissy!" Harry said coming up behind me and air kissing me.
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