The Perfect Life

18 year old Katie is sister to one of the members to the biggest boy band in the world. One directions, Harry Styles
Her world is filled with screaming girls and obsessive fans. Although she is a fan her self, she has fallen deeply in love with one of the other members...who is it though?
Read to find out about her perfect life in the spotlight.


10. Hot tub

I was in the closet stripping off my clothes with Liam.
I stopped for a second. I wasn't sure if I wanted to take my underwear and bra right infront of him.
"I can leave for a second, if you want me to" he chuckled.
I embarrassingly nodded. He left the room for a second with no
Shirt and his jeans pulled down to his ankles. I took of my underwear and slipped on my black string bikini bottoms. I then slipped off my bra.
Covering my boobs I tied the black bikini top around my chest, but I couldn't tie it around me neck without it being uneven.
"Uhm, Liam...can you come in and tie my bikini?" I awkwardly yelled. He opened the door laughing. I was just standing there half naked with my arm retardedly wrapped around my neck. He brushed my neck, taking the strings and tied them. I just stood there with my hands pushing up my bikini top."Thank you love" I mumbled straightening out my boobs. I had a perfectly flat stomach.
"You look adorable.." He mumbled,
He was wearing long, navy blue trunks.
He piggybacked me to the roof top, where the private hot tub was.
The view of London from the hot tub was gorgeous.
I hopped in following Liam. "Oh my god,this is heaven!" I screamed. Liam laughed moving closer to me.
There was fairy lights all along the top of the deck.
It was perfect.
I leaned over and kissed him softly on the nose. He shifted his head quickly and his lips met mine.
He reached over my my shoulders and untied the bikini strap around my neck.
I held up the the bikini top just cause I didn't want to expose myself.
I slid my hand down his spine and stuck my hands down his pants squeezing his butt.
He skin was so soft.
He grabbed my waist and squeezed me tightly.
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