The Perfect Life

18 year old Katie is sister to one of the members to the biggest boy band in the world. One directions, Harry Styles
Her world is filled with screaming girls and obsessive fans. Although she is a fan her self, she has fallen deeply in love with one of the other members...who is it though?
Read to find out about her perfect life in the spotlight.


7. Girls Day

Me and Alyssa were left at the house without the boys for the whole day.
We never liked to be home without our boys.
Just then the door knocked. I got up from the sofa and looked through the peephole to make sure it wasn't a crazed fan. It was Harry's girlfriend, Kassie. She was the same age as Harry, 19. She was a cute little brunette who had been going out with Harry since last year. She was like my best friend (besides Alyssa).
I flinged open the door and she burst in. "Hey babe! Haven't seen you in forever!" She yelled hugging me tightly.
I invited her I'm and she slumped on the couch next
To Alyssa. I followed her.
My phone rang all of a sudden and a gorgeous person appeared on the incoming call screen. Liam.
"Hello love" he answered.
"Hi babe" I responded, smiling. I love when he called me from work.
"I miss you..." He whispered in the phone. I could hear the screaming girls in the background.
"I have to go some screaming girls to meet" he chuckled.
"Bye you." I muttered in to the phone. "Love you to Katie" he whispered back.
The phone beeped off.
"Your conversations with him are so cute!" Squealed Kassie, seconds later.
All I could do was laugh.
"I can't wait to see my Harry!" Yelled Kassie, kicking her feet in excitement. "Can't wait to see my Niall!" Yelled Alyssa back. They both laughed. They already knew that I couldn't wait to see my Liam.
I was still in Liam's shirt and boxers. But they were comfortable. Alyssa was still wearing Niall's boxers, but wearing her ripped shirt that was so obviously showing off her bra. And Kassie had found Harry's sweatshirt and had thrown that on.
Just then I got a text. It was from Liam reading,

"Thinking of you...can't wait to see you tonight:)"

I got all warm in my stomach.

Can't wait for tonight...
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