Perfect Chemistry

Indiana thinks the school bully, Harry, and his friends are after everyone in school, but mostly her and her best friend. He seems to always ignore her, but is that because he's trying to get in her head, or he really doesn't like her?


6. Chapter 6

I dropped my bag and ran towards the scream. I kept running until I slipped on some black ice. I fell right out from under my feet, and landed right on my bum. I was in heels of course, so that didn't help. My bum was soaked, so I got up and started walking, well somewhat limping, in the direction of the scream. I eventually got to the house, and there was a woman running around her front yard screaming and crying.

I asked her what was wrong, and she had told me that someone was inside her house, with her baby. She said she was downstairs, reading, when she heard the baby monitor go off, and it was a man's voice telling her to get out of the house. She didn't get her mobile, she said, because it was in her bedroom, upstairs.

I immediately reached for my mobile, but it was in my bag at Harry's. Shit. I told her I'd be right back, and that I'd ring the police. And I told her where my phone was. I started running towards Harry's, not caring how much my rear side was in pain right now. I got to Harry's front porch quickly, because the lady's house was only three down from his.

I opened up my bag, and searched around for my mobile, and found it and threw my bag against the door, quickly turning towards the woman's house out of instinct and because of some adrenaline. I heard all of my other stuff fall out of my bag after hitting the door. I was running to her house, and tried dialing the three digit number to reach the police. I heard the ring, and a man picked up the other line. 

"999, what's your emergency?"

I could barely run down the pavement without falling and I was out of breath as well. 

"Yes... This woman said, that there is... a man... in her home... with her child... as a hostage... he told her... to get out.... of the house... and I heard her scream.... so that's why I ..... came down to her.... house."

"Okay ma'am, calm down. What is this woman's address?"

Right when he asked me that, I dropped my mobile as I was in the presence of a woman on the ground in front of her house, knocked out cold, and a man on the front porch of the house, with an infant in one arm, and a knife in the other.

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