Perfect Chemistry

Indiana thinks the school bully, Harry, and his friends are after everyone in school, but mostly her and her best friend. He seems to always ignore her, but is that because he's trying to get in her head, or he really doesn't like her?


5. Chapter 5



                                                        (Indiana's P.O.V.)  




I was walking down the corridor getting used to the school. I get to be let out a few minutes early of every class so I could get used to walking around and the schedule and such. I was at my locker, and I heard the bell ring. It was only second period, and Sarah and I had a free period, so she was going to show me around. I had just got here this morning, and I was in the office the first period, getting my schedule.   Sarah would show me around the next week, until I adjust.   Kids started rushing out of the doors, coming from up and down the stairs, everyone moving so quickly, and all in opposite directions. This was a mess. Everything was so unorganised. I used to go to a private school, but mum insisted I joined child hood best mate, Sarah. She thinks it'd be better for me and get me accustomed to the 'real world'.   I shut my locker, and look around the crowded corridor, for Sarah. I have all my books in my hand, and I am standing on my tippy toes searching the moving heads for Sarah. Without her, I am lost here. I am looking when this curly haired kid caught my eye. I sit there and stare at him for a minute, when he turns, and I see his face. It was so flawless. The green eyes I could see from the other side of the corridor. He looked at me and smiled, but then I realised I was staring, and turned away. When I turned, I ran into this kid, and we both fell, knocking all of our books all over. He was cute, but definitely not nearly as cute as the curly haired one. I could feel the heat in my cheeks, and I knew I was probably red as a tomato. 

"Oh my gosh! I am soo sorry!" Gosh Indiana, why do you have to be such an idiot.

"That's quite alright!" He chuckled. 

                                                              Harry's P.O.V.  

I was standing at my mate, Sam's, locker. He shut the door, and now we were heading to my locker. Stupid Mark. He of course had to beat someone up. I am pretty tired of this, but I have no where else to go. I got shoved somehow, and just let it go. I turn around to see who pushed me, and all my mates were beating on some 3rd year. Now that is low. I turn around, about to head to my locker, when I see this girl that I haven't seen before standing next to my locker. She was gorgeous. I could see her bright blue eyes from here. She shook her head, and looked at me, then just turned away. I kept staring at her, not realising I was, until Joey nudged me.   "Hey mate, what ya looking at?"   "Oh just. This stupid new girl. Let's go harass her. Looks like an easy target." I lied.

There is no way I can ruin my rep by saying I like some new girl. Or that I don't want to make fun of her or hit her.

"Nice catch, Styles!" Mark patted me on the back.

We all walk over to the new girl, who was now on the ground with Jake. Jake is a dick. He is the 'jock' in school, and all he does is find a hot girl to use, and wants her for a quick shag. Lucky for him, this girl doesn't know his reputation....

They both get up after collecting their books and Jake hands her something. I'm guessing it's the dick's number. He walks away, and she smiles at him, blushing a bit. Of course my dickhead mates had to start something. They go up to her, and knock her books out of her hands. This, of course is after the bell rang and everyone went back to class. I had a free period second though. None of my mates did, though, so they knocked her books out of her hands, and just walked by.

"Oops, sorry new girl. Better watch out." Joey spat at her.

They then just walked away. After it was only us two in the corridor, I approached her. 

"Hey, sorry. They can get like that sometimes. Most people choose to steer clear of us."


"Yeah those are my mates. They can be real dickheads sometimes."

"If they're your mates, then why are you being nice?"

"I, uh, never mind." I started helping her pick up her books that were on the ground yet again.

I could tell she kept looking up at me when we were both bent down, probably in disgust. 

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