Hope, Faith, and love

After moving all around the world twin sisters hope and faith make their final move to London where they quickly make friends with everyone including the members of one direction. As popular as they are, hope and faith don't want to jepordise their relationship with the boys by falling in love with them but they just can't help it.


1. The news

But dad we've traveled the whole world do we really need to move again? I argue as I get the news we r moving to London. Yes I have to continue looking for my dream destination my dad saids. I love it here in Hawaii why can't we stay? I question. Hope u know I can't stay in one place very long my dream is to travel the world this was your mothers dream and now I want to carry it out my dad explains as tears roll into my eyes. I get that I didn't know mom but I know she would want me to be happy and I'm happy here! I must explain my mom died when she gave birth to me and my sister, me an my twin sister. My name is hope and my sisters name is faith. We are identical and even my dad can't tell us apart sometimes. We both have bright blue eyes tan skin and dirty blonde hair. The only difference is I have a heart shaped birth mark on the back side of my wrist and faith doesn't. Going to London would mean leaving my friends and my boyfriend, max. I've moved away from so many friends its a normal thing now I just hate getting attached to them then having to say goodbye I always seem to come back and vist the old places. I haven't told max I'm moving yet and I need to tell him soon because I am leaving next week!
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