Hope, Faith, and love

After moving all around the world twin sisters hope and faith make their final move to London where they quickly make friends with everyone including the members of one direction. As popular as they are, hope and faith don't want to jepordise their relationship with the boys by falling in love with them but they just can't help it.


2. Breaking the news

I had to face my fear sometime or another so I came up with a plan my sister would dress like I would and tell max about London and I would dress up as her and tell her friends. luckily she doesn't have a boyfriend to break the news to. I told the plan to faith and she agreed tomorrow we shall play the roll of each other.
*at school*
Hey max says faith hugging him in the school hall. Hey babe max replies so can we talk later I have something really important to tell u faith asks. Of corse meet me in the supplies closet after 3rd period. Can do faith says with a sad smile. Is there something wrong hope? Just meet me after 3rd period. Faith continues walking away with a painful look on her face.

*faith's pov*
I felt so bad having to break the news and lie to max. I really wasn't good at talking to guys ( that explains why I've never had a boyfriend) the only reason I agreed to tell max was because I wanted to work in my acting skills.
*hope's pov*
So I have the break the news to Carly, Reilly, Jeremy, and Ethan. These are all of Faith's close friends. I didn't want to do this but I knew I had to. I walked up to them standing by their lockers chatting. Hey guys can I talk to u really quick, it's important. Of corse. Jeremy said. I grabbed their arms and dragged them into the empty Spanish class room. Ok so this is really hard but I'm just going to say it. Me and hope are moving to London. Their jaws dropped in shock. But.. But.. Reilly started. We have no choice we are moving next week. I saw tears start to swell up in the girls' eyes but the guys were trying to stay strong. Jeremy looked at the floor then at me and then walked out if the room. Right then I knew something was wrong with Jeremy. The other three came and gave me a big group hug. I started to cry and so did they even Ethan. In the back of my mind I wondered what was going on with Jeremy. Jeremy and max were best friends and I didn't want Jeremy to spill the beans if faith hasn't told max yet. As soon as I unscrambled from the hug I ran out the door to find Jeremy I searched everywhere but I couldn't find him. I hope he was ok.
*faith's pov*
The third period tarty bell just rang meaning I only have 45 minutes left until I had to tell max. Max looked at me all during class third period. He looked worried and censored I couldn't help but feel the same way because for the day I was Max's girlfriend. I spent all third period planing what I was going to say in my head. As soon as the bell rang I darted off to the supply closet where I was supposed to meet max. Max came in and sat on a flipped over bucket. I looked into his eyes and said max its not easy to say this to someone you love. But I have to say it, me and faith are moving to London with our dad. He looked at me with tears in his eyes. I started crying too. Max leaned into me and whispered hope I love you and I don't ever want to lose you. At that second he grabbed my cheek with one hand rubbing it with is thumb pushing my hair out of the way with the other hand he was holding my waist he leaned in and kissed me and I kissed him back for about 3 minutes. Our kiss and moment of silence was broken my the bell ringing for forth period. I stood up and hugged him. My heart was beating fast for two reasons that was my first kiss and I don't think my sister and max have ever kissed, I kissed my sisters boyfriend she's going to kill me!
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