Simon's Daughter-Completed

Everyone Knows Le-Ann Marie Cowell...Wrong!. Everyone thinks she's Simon's daughter, she's a spoiled little brat, But all Le-Ann wants is for people to see her, not because she's the daughter of a Millionaire. So what happens, when Simon forces her to go on tour with One Direction. These boys haven't really met Le-Ann only what they've heard on T.V or Magazine, will they see the real 'Her? Will she handle all the drama well or will she hit the breaking point? And more importantly will love blossom?


14. Silence





            A Hand. That's what was wrapped around my body, I gently turned around; to find Zayn. His mouth was slightly opened, and his hair was messed up. He smelled like whiskey and cigarette. Suddenly he started to move, causing me to panic. I still don't know if he's still mad at me or not. We still need to talk.

"Good-Morning." I muttered. His eyelids opened, when he looked at me, he frowned. Oh great! He got off the covers, and into the bathroom he went. Before he could lock the door, I barged in. He looked angry, but I could care less right now.

"Do you mind?" He ask coldly, gesturing to the door.

"Yes I do mind Zayn. I can't stand you mad at me, it's driving me insane..." I Began to ramble; pacing around. I didn't notice I was wearing his shirt, and my undies until i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. "It's hard enough for me, because I don't even know what i did, all i know is I hate it when your mad at me..." I ramble, he stood there, watching me with a blank expression. Are you fucking kidding me? That's what going through my head right now. I threw my hands up in frustration; before proceeding to walk out the door. His hands caught my wrist; I turn sharply towards him. "What?" I ask. I'm hoping he actually was going to forgive me, but something tells me he wasn't.

He grabbed the back of my head; smashing his lips onto mine. When i try to deepened the kiss he pulled back. Really? "So now your not going to kiss me?" I was getting aggravated with him, by the minute. He said nothing; but turn around. I stomped out of the bathroom frustrated, I walk downstairs; crashing myself onto Louis lap. "Why won't he talk to me?" The tears were pouring from my eyes. This hurts and he fucking thinks it's all a game.

"Give him time Love, he'll come around..." Only if that was true. He wiped the few tears away from my eyes,  but since they kept coming like the Nile river, he wrapped his arms around me comforting me. "Sweetie..." I Hated it when people call me 'Sweetie' it reminds me of her. "Don't worry; everything is going to be alright..." I wish.

"Where's everyone?" I asked, finally founding my voice.

"Their getting ready, were going to the club..." He explain. When I look down, I notice he was dressed in black suit. "And you should probably go get ready as well." I Grumbled off his lap, before ascending up the stairs.

           Zayn walk out of his room, in a suit; his hair styled perfectly. We made eye contact; but he broke it, walking past me. I sigh before walking in the room. I Rummage through my closet, finding the perfect dress... After five minutes, I decided a tight white dress, with black wedges. My hair was down and curled, My make-up was light. Everyone says am a natural beauty and i didn't need any make-up, but am going to the club. I put some jewelries on; grabbing my phone, keys and purse. I strutted down the stairs; everyone sitting in the room. I guess they were waiting for me. I walked down the stairs, my shoes making louder sounds, all eyes were turned towards me.

"Le-Ann, you look gorgeous..." Shawn compliment, wrapping his arms around my waist. I smiled; before thanking him.

"Amen to that..." Harry's voice beamed; earning a smack from Lindsey. I giggled, they were so cute together. Everyone else complimented each other, but Zayn said nothing to me. Ughh!


                                                                                                       * * *

                       The club was so live, the feel of the music was good. People were dancing, laughing, drinking and having the time of their life; meanwhile am here sitting, chatting up with my girls.

"Le-Ann what's wrong?" Nicki inquires; her hands on my lap, Lindsey had her eyes furrowed. I sigh, putting down the drink.

"Yes something is wrong...." They sigh; before scooting over to me; their hands wrapped around mine. "My boyfriend is ignoring me, he won't even talk to me. I finally have him back in my arms, and now i screwed everything up? What the hell is wrong with me?" I bawled out, crying hysterically; Lindsey started to rub circles around my back, but the tears kept spilling from my eye.

"Nothing is wrong with you, he's just the jealous type...." Nicki comforted; brushing a piece of my hair, away from my wet cheeks. Why would he be jealous? Am with him am i not? "Jealous of how you are around Shawn...." So that's what this all about, he couldn't have tell me that; instead of ignoring me? This is just fucked up, and am pretty sure he's doing this on purpose. "Am not taking sides or anything, but you do like your pretty comfortable around him..." What? am i the only one who thinks different, I do not like Shawn in that way anymore, and he doesn't either or does he?  "But i know your in-love with Zayn, and he's stupid for thinking differently; but you both need to fix your problems, cause i hate to see two of my friends grumpy and sad all the time." She added, and i let out a chuckle; Lindsey nodded in agreement, making funny faces at me, making me laugh harder.

"Now get your ass up, and go get your man...." Lindsey interject; pulling off the couch. I stumbled a bit, but regain my balance. I glance back one more time at them, but they were no where in sight; I look around the club, they were on the dance floor, with Liam and Harry, I smiled; before facing forward again. I pushed and Pushed my way, Until i spotted him.....With Shawn.

"You better stay the hell away from her, or else I'll kill ya." Zayn below, making me scared, He grabbed Shawn by his collar; but Shawn was laughing. What the hell? I'm scared for my life and all he's doing is laughing.

"Calm down pretty boy, I don't like your lady like that, we had a thing in the past; but that was it, she's a great girl and all, but dude am taken...." He's what now? Zayn released him, making him stumbled back. "But she's very fit and just maybe I could Ta-" Zayn collide his fist with Shawn's Cheeks. I Screamed; holding Zayn back; he was furious, which scared me A-Lot. "I was joking, what the fuck is wrong with you dude? Me and Le-Ann have don't have feelings towards each other, only a brother and sister relationship." Shawn crooked, helping him to get to his feet.

"What the hell is wrong with you Zayn? Do you not trust me?" I bark, releasing Shawn; as he was lead away by the boys, who i didn't even see were watching the action. Zayn, shook his head angrily, before storming out, i Followed behind; Yelling his name, Until I finally took the stupid shoes off my feet, I ran in-front of him, making him stop at a halt.

"Move..." He growled, but i didn't flinch. I was beyond angry by now; after all the ignoring and silent treatments, that's all he's got to say?

"No Zayn am not going to move, I can't believe you didn't trust me, I can't believe you think I'll do such things, Sure when i first saw him, the feelings came back, but when I saw you, it's like it never happened, Zayn can't you see I Love you, do you know how hard it is to have someone you care about ignore you? No you don't, am sorry i made you think I have feelings towards him, or he got in your head. I get your jealous cause you care, but did it involve ignoring me?" I Growled; swinging my arms in the air, his face show no expression. Nothing! He jerked my hands away; before storming out into the street, I Ran towards him, but the bright light coming towards me.....

"Le-Ann...." A voice croaked; my eyelids becoming heavy; a gush of blood running from my body. "Please be okay, am so sorry; am so sorry...." The voice kept repeating, all i see now is black.

            My eyelids shut

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